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Dental Work and Sun Exposure on TX

Dental work --

My NP recommended that I hold off getting my teeth cleaned this week to lower the risk of infection from bacterial seeding. Currently I'm on antibiotics for what is may be a bacterial prostate infection. Wondering what advice you've been given regrading minor dental work such as teeth cleaning. Currently on I'm on a 6-month schedule so I suppose I can push it off for another couple months when I should be finished treating.

Sun Exposure --

Wondering what your collective experience has been regarding sun exposure while on treatment, and if you had a problem with the sun, how soon it resolved after you stopped treating?

I have an odd situation where parts of my body (mainly face) have become sensitized to the sun probably because of the drugs. But at the same time I need sunlight as well as light therapy because of my psoriasis.

-- Jim
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I had my teeth cleaned shortly after starting tx and have it scheduled again in March.  I made sure my dentist was aware of the HCV & tx.  It didn't seem to make any difference.  It is not my favorite experience to begin with but it was no more unpleasant that any other time. No infections or bleeding.

As far as sunshine, I live in Arizona.  It's hard to stay out of it.  I don't lay in the sun like I did in my younger years due to minor skin cancers but my husband rides a Harley and he is in it all the time.

I have a stupid question:  Are we contagious right now?  I took my dog to the vet this morning and I had a bloodly nose in the examining room.  Lots of fun trying to hold the dog and bleeding all over.  Anyway, no one came near my blood but it made me think about it.
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I was also on 6 mth schedule with Dentist. I was dx, bx, and started tx in rapid succession. I decided to skip DDS for several reasons: the potential infection, did not want to risk them til clear, did not want to disclose, rather spend time during tx on more pleasant activities like reading walking and kids.  So I'll pick up at the one year mark - but still flossin' cleaning and rinsing.
As to sun...During tx this maddog stayed out of the mid day sun. But main physical activity was walking.  Did it early am and after dusk.  Still exposed to sun in Fla but no adverse effects that I noticed - I guess it's hard for me to get past the 'gaunt' look to see closer.
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My teeth are so BAD I can't tell you.  I have one that is killing me so last night I went in with a mirror and was like HOLY GOD LOOK AT ALL THE CAVITIES!!!!! Never ever before was it like this EVER.

Thanks to the Interferon there is NO WAY I will be able to avoid the dentist.  I need to go ASAP.  Interferon appears to just eat teeth because mine are just rotting away fast!

As per sun...it's winter right now so here in NY it's not that bad. I've always LOVED the sun but my skin is SO SO DRY from tx that I can't imagine putting it under any more drying stress.  As it is I have to SLATHER on lotion everywhere just to survive the RibaRash!

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Yup we are contagious until after we are SVR and undetectible.  I have to tell my dentist this week for SURE when I go for example.

I don't know if your dog could get it or not though - but if the people were exposed to the blood and had open cuts or something they sure could.

I cut myself a lot around my job - little nicks - and am ALWAYS checking myself during the day for papercuts even.  I am VERY worried I could give it to someone.  I have tried to explain to them SEVERAL times not to use my tape gun or scissors or items just in case but they do NOT get it and I'm like well would you like me to bleed onto your salad because when you use my sharp belongings over here...you are taking quite a chance LOL ;-)

Just kidding I hope you know.  I wouldn't likely bleed into someones salad to kill them I'd more likely bring out the .44.

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So, @ <50 IU/ml I am probably still contagious?, Or not?  Neither the vet or assistant came anywhere close to my blood, I managed to contain it and bleed all over myself.  It gave me something to think about though.  Not that I plan on going around bleeding on people. LOL I am very careful with cuts.

It does bring up the question of animals.  I know that cats get HIV.
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No one ever suggested that I avoid dental procedures and regular cleaning did not seem to cause any problems.  Perhaps the antibiotics you're already on could serve some prophylactic effect if you do decide to go dental.  The sun was something else altogether, though.  Maybe it's related to how melanin-challenged we are.   All I know is that even the heat in a warm car made my skin feel like it was smoking, and sun exposure set off rash.  I was forced to take the goth route and avoid sun as much as possible.  And riba effects are pretty tenacious, it seems.  My face still displays random areas of dryness that refuse to disappear.   Moral:  SP40 was definitely made for folks like us.
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