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Depression, balance and exaustion issues

After taking the shots for Hep C for approxc. 3 -3 1.2 or 4 months....  I was nearly Jaundiced beyond compare, had potentially no potassium in my system, low white blood cell count and a problem with my bone marrow.  I could not do anything for myself.....   I couldn't feed myself, I couldn't even put on a buttonless nightie... I'd just spin it above my head....   couldn't find the arm holes....   I couldn't walk...  I had to crawl to the bathroom, or the Kitchren if I needed a drink....I kept a bucket or trash can by my bed for puking for 3-4 days after the shot (along with six pills a day everyday) ....    I finally recieved a stint in my liver (I think that's what it's called) I had no balance and was literally retarded for 2 years.....   at about a 5th grade mentality level with no motor skills.  At First I thought It had something to do with the anbestiesia.  NO ONE TOLD ME NOT TO EAT A LOT OF PROTEIN BECAUSE OF THE NITROGEN THAT WOULD GET INTO MY BRAIN.............  I researced and researched....   and finally discovered the truth about the nitrogen, etc...

I haven't been the same since 1999 or 2000.....   I'm more depressed than before... have no drive, no will, am exausted all the time... can't even stand at the sink and scrub a pan for more than 10 min. or so... Can't Vaccume for too long. Can't work, my sleep patterns are topsy turvey............    Am I the only one?

I feel lost.

I hear there is a cure in Canada and the UK... Does anyone know if this is true?  If so please contact me at ***@****
and I'd be so appreciative.

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No but I am seriously concerned because I've never been so screwed up in my mind.  I had issues beore and depression for about 15 yrs....   I'm totally lost and don't know what to tell psychiatrists - even though I'm seeing them _ cuz- I don't feel I'll be belived.
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You sound like me 4 yrs ago.

What I did for 6 mos pre tx was to learn about my 'new diet' for liver failure.  Low protein, low fat, low salt, no junk, no artificial ingrediants, etc.  About a yr ago I cut out dairy b/c it converts to ammonia right away and ammonia is the cause of the encephalopathy-the retard thing.

Remember, if you are sick enuf for a stint, you have the probs of hep c, the probs of tx and the probs of a failing liver.

I found it hard to even google 'cirhosis' for 3 yrs b/c of the 'alcoholic' stigma attached to it.  B/ google cirhosis and nutrition and you will see even more restrictions.

I do a daily protein drink w/rice protein since all our limited protein shouldn't be animal.  On top of that, I'm also in the minority w/gout so my diet is evne more restricted than just a cirrhotic liver diet.  Lightly steaming veggies are best b/juicing is even better.  The goal is to get all the nutrients in the most easily digestible form w/the least work for the liver.

I use a 'joint juice' liquid-in my smoothie-and SAMe-lots and lots of SAMe.  For sleep I used melotine-a natural herbal product.  It can interfer w/sex drive b/my partner and I agreed I needed to rest soundly and deeply more than we needed to be screwing like bunnies.  (Surprisingly, he became much more huggy, the kisses were deeper and my love and admiration for him grew.)

As to mental images, I had a near death experience and decided to pass and come back and fight.  Now I don't suggest going to those extremes.  B/if you have the energy and money to consider Canada, then you have the energy to do what you have to do where you are.
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Baby....that is so encouraging.... cuz I was VERY, VERY NEAR DEATH also.   My Dr. kept telling me to go to the hosp. and get a potassuum injection and kept telling me I was dying in front of his eyes, but I didn't belive him.  I was yellower than cornbread and the hostpital collapsed my veins worse than they were.....  they collapsed them to flat pancakes.

I told my doctor's nurse/practictioner at MCV in Ricbmond that I was loosing all my hair and she didn't belive me about that!  I get so pissed when they don't listen.....   in my state... that's supposed to be the best place to go for this.... but it is a learning institute and they don't tell you alot about your condition.  They just do what they need to do for a minimum it seems and don't really monitor you....  

I wish I would've found this site sooner
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"I hear there is a cure in Canada and the UK... Does anyone know if this is true?"

I live in Canada and I am HCV active, there is the same therapy combo here as in the States...

In order to be on the Canadian Health Care System, if you are not a Canadian, you need to go through the immigration process...This is a very long and costly process and you need a Canadian citizen to sponsor you...They blood test you now during the immigration process for HIV/HCV so you would not pass the physical and be turned down...

Sorry you are having such horrible sx's...Stories like yours sure do make people like me not want to even consider threatment unless it is a life or death question...

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To tell the truth... I was working for the government and much more stable before this....   I can't even work now because of many factors.  It sucks.   Wish I never tried it.   but oh well
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I communicated with a couple of Canadians that treated up there. They do not get intervention with Procrit, so if you treat, you might need to fork the $ yourself. ONe of the folks only had 6 months to do tx, so she dragged on and deliberately skipped bloodwork so that she would not get pull off tx. Brain damage can occur from prolonged anemia in some people.
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