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Forgive me if I am carrying this too far. But I am begining to concluded that I may have underestimated the power of tx. It is a type of chemo, right. Don't get me wrong, I still believe that a positive attitude is helpful in aANY situation. But I have to be realistic, I don't know what I am up against with TX, and these stories are really important to me and I suspect others. There is no text book any of us could ever read that would contain this invaluable information, these testimonials. This is it. These experiances are the raw realities of Tx, first hand. Agian forgive me if I am going to far, it's kinda what I do.

Derail, Don't worry! I have a lovey Ralph lauren black gown with spaggetti straps, (no back) put aside for the bus.I was thinking about some Tiffiny's three color gold necklace, bracelet and earing combos (But that's so goddy), Red Lv spick FMPs and a Red couch mini bag? What do ya think, any suggustions ladies? Oh yes.Of course a peticure! That goes unsaid!

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Sorry, didn't mean to post the secound part with the question. Different computer.

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yea sure you didn't if you keep talking like that Rev and Indy will get ticked AND you LOOSEY will have some Splaining to do
You said you weren't gonna tell anyone about that hot  dress and were saving just for me.... Imay change my mind yet!!!
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hahaha Now I'm getting punchy reading all posts about depression,,,,And I have this mental picture in my mind,,,kinda like a cartoon,,,ya know....Everyone out there in cyberland is sitting in front of computers with very thin hair,,boney and covered in riba rash,,,And asking..."But how positive can a person be"  LOL

Awwww Lou,,,Like the dress and accessories,,,ever so nice!! You are ready!!  Now,,,Now,,,My pretty one,,,Step right up...haha

Lou,,,You are priceless and I love you!!!
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I might be the most ignorant fashion person. I am a female, have no clue of the brand names, designers, chic stores, etc. you constantly mention, and here you are, a male, and able to describe to  the T,  details of your outfits. What's up with that?
I know that spaghetti straps will accentuate the huge biceps and give you the "cha cha" look. Not a pleasant image though... are you crossdressing? ;-}
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As usual - you made me smile.  Your mental picture of us Heppers in our old rotten robes with stringy hair and a bottle of ADs close at hand cracked me up!  Thanks.  Need all the funnies I can get today!
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TX is an auto-immune form of chemo therapy. Instead of cancer chemo's that kill cells, this tx boosts the normal amount of interferon that the body normally makes. The side effects are due to the fact that it IS a man-made substance that the body reacts to. My experience is that the Riba probably causes me more negative sx's than does the Peg/Intron. There is a document (can't remember where I found it) called "a Nurses guide to managing Hepc side effects". If you type that into a search engine it should come up. Again my PC Dr. treated me for depression and anxiety from the "git go". I'm taking shot #23 of 24 this week and to tell you the truth I'm sick and tired of the tx, sx and the drugs for everything else! But this is what it took to save my life and I am eternally grateful. There is a finality to this one way or the other and personally I will be thrilled when it is over. Undie dance, here I come!!!!! If anyone happens to spot me, a round of applause would be appreciated! I'll be the one with the Happy Face pair on my head. Good luck, ~Neal~
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