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Hi all
I'm new on the forum, nice to have the possibility to chat with people in the same situation. I'm in week 37 and trubled with the depression. I'm on CELEXA but this doesn't seem to help too much. I'm crying a lot and feel like **** all the day. I started to smoke and this makes things worse.
Is the depression going to lift after treatment? I'm scared.
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You did not say how much celexa you were taking. It is possible that your doctor can increase the dose and that will take care of the depression. I plan to stay on my anti-depressant for several months after treatment(6 weeks to go) to let the drugs get out of my system and to let my body begin to work right again. My doctor has been very good about treating the side effects so I imagine if I had trouble after treatment, he will help then too.
Hope you feel better.
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I"m on week 28 of 48. I too have had terible depression and anxiety. I had to try several a/d's in the last several months before I found one that seems to work right now. Effexor XR 75mg. Also had to add .05mg of ativan for the anxiety. It helps. definatly takes off the edge. Be sure to talk to your Doc. see if they can up your dosage or try a different type. Hang in there!!
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I'm on 40 mg CELEXA and I am terrible restless, I can't seat or rest, I have to continously move, I'm scared and shaking all the day. The only good thing is that I can sleep very well.Anyway, I feel a kind of fear and feel hopeless. Has anyone tried psychotherapy?
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i too went through the same as you. i am 48 yr old female hepc geno type 1a, with start vl @ 16 or 18 million...brain fog.. i was already seeing a shrink before my tx. i was on prozac and i told my liver doc about all the crying and being so nervous...he told me to get my shrink to change my prozac to lexapro{a new form of celexa}. my doctors have done an excellent job of staying in touch w/ each other. we first tried 10 mg of lexapro and then ended up @ 30mg per day...it has helped alot. my shrink also put me on klonapin 4x a day. i still cry most days, but realize it's also been 10 months of tx. i have 4 more shots and 5 wks of rib. i keep thinking about going back to work, have been on disability since jan. 27th. i miss work but lack of energy and brain fog, lack of sleep etc. that goes along w/ tx. keeps me home most of the time. my husband works 10 to 12 hrs a day 5 days a wk. and half a day if not whole day on saturdays too. when we got married jan 2nd this yr. i moved an hour from family and friends. this has really been hard...but i know i have God w/ me always. i don't see my parents except on dr and lab days...my docs are in the town where my parents live. my parents both have poor health and they can't travel....real bummer...i was always the one who was there to help them, but i know it won't be long and i can do it again. my in-laws visit about every 2 wks. they have been very good to me. you hang in there and you'll find some meds are trial and error. hope you can adjust to some that will help. much love and prayers to you.
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welcome - this is good place to check in when the tx blues come on strong. I'm at week 35 - as far as I can tell the ADs (10mg Lexapro in my case ) provide pretty spotty coverage. Personally, as long as they keep me out of the suicidal/catatonic stage I don't want to up the dose: the ifn/riba are already clouding my mind enough. Go ahead and smoke - hell you've got 11 weeks to go.

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Don't have anything to tell you that comes close to the expert advice some of us have given you already.  i've never met you and don't know you, but I read your first note, and something about the way you say things just makes me like you.  There is something about you that is very nice.  Just wanted to say that.  I wish you all the good luck there is.
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Celexa was very bad for me.  I was on 40 mg per day.      If you are an addict/alcoholic Celexa can increase your desire to use again.  I took trazadone to help me sleep, and it also has a mild anti-depressant.  That was all I used for antidepressants while on interferon combo therapy. Good luck.
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Thank you for being cheerful. I need that more than anything. I feel so down that I wonder how I can wake up in the morning and come to work every day. I saw today my shrink and when I hear that we have to try different pills, they don't know anything, (just trying) makes me mad.
The same thing with Interferon. They make trials on our bodies and at the end if you are still positive they say UPS, it's not my fault. We just tried. No matter how much damage your body, I think we are just numbers of "relapsers" or SVR which doesn't mean too much.
Sorry for being pesimistic today but 3 month ahead seems a long time since every day is a struggle.
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I completed my 48 weeks 6/20/3.  Last week I took my last Paxil and this week I stopped taking the Buspar.  So the depression does go away.  During the treatment, the Paxil kept me optimistic but crying kept me sane.  I needed both.  When I didn't cry I was a real SOB.  Five months into treatment, I became hopeless.  I started taking Paxil and it was instant optimism.  I still have bad spells but they are fewer and farther between.  I'm afraid when I get my next lab tests done that I'll get depressed again if the virus is back.
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Be optimistic, your result should be negative. Did you have negative results during tx? My doctor told me that if you have negative at 12 weekes you probably are one of the SVR, I was negative at 12 and 24 month but trubled with depression and anxiety.No other important side effects.For me "depression" sounds morescary that hep C. I know many people living a normal life with hep C although they didn't do any treatment. The treatment improve our chance to survive, I hope.
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I was negative at 12 weeks (PCR Quant < 5000 IU/ML).  I had heard about people with viral loads < 10 Copies/ML.  So I couldn't understand why the test run on me only had the capability to detect 5000 IU/ML.  I made a lot of noise so the doctor ran the "Ultra Quant" PCR at 24 weeks.  It was negative (< 50 IU/ML).  So I felt a lot better about the result.  I was on the 48 week plan and don't remember a whole lot about the tests after 24 weeks.  I was negative again (< 50 IU/ML) one month post tx.  I'm going back in a couple of weeks this will be 4 months post tx.  When I was first diagnosed with Hep C four years ago, I went into a depression.  Four months into the treatment, the depression got real bad and I became hopeless.  I thought I would always feel the way I was feeling.  About two months into the tx, I noticed a pattern where I felt like I was coming out of a fog (like when you clear a bad fever) a couple of days after the injection.  I don't know if this was the treatment affecting me or maybe the treatment was killing the virus and the Hep C fog was being lifted.  Now, for the most part my brain is clear.  I still have occasional mental lapses and I'll start crying sometimes.  For me the tx side effects were a lot worse than any HCV symptoms.  But the relief of knowing the virus is gone will make this worth it.
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