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Diabetes and TX

My wife will be seeing our doctor tomorrow (11-21-07) He's going to discuss with her starting tx. My wife is Type 1, Stage 4 and her Viral Load is over 2 million. She also has high blood pressure and diabetes.

Does anyone have any advice for us? Will diabetes make tx harder for her and should she do different things during tx? I know the doctor will answer these questions, but I'm so worried about my wife, that I'd like to hear some words from people who have been there.

Thank you,
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When I started treatment last March I was genotype 1A, Stage 4 Grade 3. Thats one grade from the worst possible liver damage.  My Viral Load 6.5 million.

About 2 yrs earlier I had also been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II.
Took a daily shot of insulin, exercised consistently, and was very cosncientous about diet.

I somehow intuitively suspected there was a connection between Hep C, my diminished liver function and the onset of Diabetes. When I asked Doc's, nurses, etc they usually poo-poo'd the idea.

About 4 weeks into treatment ( I was UND at 8 weeks) I  noticed my sugar levels were improving.

To make a long story short as the tx was killing off the virus my liver began to function much better  and apparently was able to release more insulin ( I have read where insulin is stored in the liver )

I quit the insulin a few months back. I eat foods that that I never would have eaten when battling the diabetes ( I don't advocate this...I just do it because 99% of food tastes like **** to me and the only things I can tolerate are those that would be considered off limits for diabetics.)

Due to  anemia / weakness/ low energy I had to give up exercise (don't advocate this either unless it becomes physically impossible as it has for me).

I still check sugar levels on occasion but the bottom line is that I am no longer diabetic.I firmly believe that if I reach SVR and liver continues to improve, that Diabetes will be a thing of the past for me.

I wish I could guarantee the same results for your wife, but i wish her the best with the diabetes.
As for you my friend don't worry about what might occur with your wife and tx. Just take it day by day and trust the Lord for the results.

Kill the dastardly virus

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As an early type 2 diabetic, I also found some improvement in my glucose meter readings - especially after completing tx for my hcv (I'm SVR).  During tx my glucose levels were erratic, but it's been almost 8 months since finishing, and my A1C has definitely improved - not as much as cba's, but much, much better than before.  

I must confess to not paying that much attention to my diabetes during tx, because getting food down was so difficult for me that the only thing I could tolerate was ice cream.  Thinking back on it, I probably should have bought sugarless ice cream.  (Don't forget, sugarless cookies and cake are still laden with carbs, though with ice cream this isn't so much the case.)  Also I was a geno 2, so I didn't have to treat as long as the two of you.  I think that time will tell; it always does.
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Thank you both for getting back to me on this.

My wife takes Metformin 1000mg twice a day (pills) and is very much under control. She also eats right and exercise's daily. The docs say her diabetes come from family history, plus she was never over weight.

Hey....wouldn't that be great if her diabetes and hepc got cured with tx? A "Two For"!

Thanks again for your comments. I'll post back here on my wife's progress. I'll keep this thread as kind of a journal. She should be starting tx soon. We see the doc today about it.

Thanks again for commenting on this subject for us.....thank you.
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I too developed diabetes after stopping treatment 14 years ago. Had no idea it could have been caused by the treatment, or maybe even the HepC.. they did not know much about HepC back then.     I am just completing week 48, and so far my sugar is completely back to normal.    They ran a1c tests during treatment to keep an eye on it, and it was 4.2.. ( normal range is 4.2 - 6 )   so I am on the low end of normal.   And I too ate Ice cream constantly.   I finally weaned off of it the last few months,   I was not craving it anymore.  But I also lost over 100 lbs.     Another sx after tx, that I endured for 14 years.. I struggled trying to get it off.   This time.... I refuse to gain any of it.    I never was big like that until stopping tx 14 years ago.   I had lost weight as expected on tx.  But had lost so much and they put me on a high calorie diet..  I blew up and became diabetic.    so just keep an eye on the sugar levels,  and her weight.  I am sure if she is overweight, she will welcome the change.. I surely do.     Just keep an eye on it, with your diabetic doc also keeping track.  I am sure she will be fine, and maybe get that 2 for one.. Like me and others on here.  Well I am still waiting for the words " SVR " but I did have 2 UND tests during tx..   So fingers crossed.  Keep us updating on how the both of you are doing...
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Thanks dperry. Wow...you people are wonderful here! I'm getting so  much advice on what to expect.

My wife isn't over weight. She actually could use a few pounds, so she just might enjoy one thing about tx.....she can eat all she wants! (Is that correct?)

Can you do me another favor? There's so many abbreviations used here, and we're so new to this whole HepC thing....can someone make me a list of abbreviations and what they stand for.

tx = treatment

That's all I know right now. So most times when posts have SVR or UND in them, I don't know what your talking about. Sorry to be a pain, but I see so many abbreviations being used.
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Here ya go worried, this should get you started.  Good luck to you and your wife.

tx = treatment
bx = biopsy
rx = prescription
SVR = sustained viralogical response (clear 6 months after treatment)
UND = undetectable
VL = Viral Load
RVR = rapid viralogical response (2 log drop or more in viral load by week 4)
EVR = early viralogical response (2 log drop or more in viral load by week 12)
tp = transplant

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