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im facing diarrhea problem again for last 3 days.  On 16.12.08 i ate much at night and got asleep. When i got up in the morning i felt indigestion and diarrhoea. I went to Doc and he said that it is not a problem to give any anti-biotic or any mdcn. he only advised me to take Inspaghol Husk+ curd. This killing dirrahoea is the main problem im facing since start of tx. Im much disturbed due to this. It is not frequent( 1-2 times in 24 hours). No cramps. But it is loose. Sometimes mixed with mucus. Im much depressed these days and start crying often. Whenever i feel weakness i get depressed. And when i feel good and healthy my mood get better and happy itself. Im not on ADs. i trid Estar, Freedip, Paxative but all made me confused, drowzi. I need ADs at this time but no one is helping me. First 10 days of December were very good and IBS diarrhea was disappeared due to amyline (tricyclic anti Depression). But this time even amyline is not helping.
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Hi Ali,  I have IBS also, and was plagued by exactly the same intermittantly during the early months of tx.   It DID appear to get somewhat better, and has not been a problem the past few months, so perhaps this period for you will not last as long this time.   Try not to have big meals, but eat often (my bowels would really turn if I ate too big a meal, and even if I 'divided' a big dinner into two and had the second at least an hour after the first, it seemed to help - although that may be getting a bit radical for you)...

Whenever any sx rears its head, it IS depressing as we are tired already, and the added stress of another sx makes it that much harder to function.   I think it was 'Comeagain' who kept reminding me that 'this too, will pass'.   Day by precious day the weeks DO add up.  Hang in there my friend.
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You've had a rough time with tx.
All symptoms you are experiencing are part of the tx, sx's of the drugs.
I'm not sure what those meds are you mentioned but again I say
stay well hydrated, lot's of liquids.  Doesn't always have to be water,
juices, tea's, power or gatorade is great with what you are experiencing,
as are popiscles, etc.  Force yourself to eat and drink.  Rice is great, very binding.
Add a meat to the rice for some protein.
Just remember, tx'ing won't be forever, you will hopefully be virus free soon.
Feel better...
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Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time.  I had a lot of trouble with diarrhea during tx.  Rice helps, also bananas, oatmeal and cheese.  Be sure to drink plenty of fluids because diarrhea will cause dehydration.  

For the anxiety and depression, I found ativan (lorazepam) was very helpful.  It did not make me drowsy or confused.  

I hope you feel better soon.

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I have had diarrhea constantly through out tx also, some days MUCH worse than others. I have had days where I have had to go every 20 minutes until my intestines were empty.  It's is very unsettling, I agree.

When I get a severe episode I drink electrolytes (from chemist esp for people with diarrhea) and eat bananas and brown rice. It also helpful to try and get some probiotics to replenish the healthy bacteria in your intestines.

Probiotics are large amounts of good bacteria required for the intestines normal function.  They are Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Lactis.  You can buy them at a chemist or a health store.  Taking one capsules contains the same amount good bacteria as you would get from eating 20 pottles of yoghurt!  That's about 25 billion good bacteria!!

Also, for the depression I would really recommend Prozac (or it's generic form Fluoxetine).  It is very gentle on your body, cheap, and easy to come off when you are ready.  

It seems you have tried quite a few but you really need to give them time to work, they are not an 'instant' fix as it takes time for them to reach a therapeutic level in your blood stream...  I have never had drowsiness issues with them.

Hang in there Alijee!

Epi :)
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