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Did anyone develop diabetes while on tx?

I have joked about my lousy diet leading to type 2 diabetes but I just got a call from my pcp and my blood sugar for the second time was high. Not skyrocket high but I think the nurse said 147. I don't eat well and drink watered down juice all day. I wonder if all the sugar in the juice is doing this. I would appreciate any suggestions, not asking for medical advice.
They did ask me to stop by tomorrow to get a fasting finger stick. Thanks in advance.
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No, but my sugar count went from 70 something to 99. Since off tx it went back down.
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Not an expert here for sure. but from what I have been reading it is not treatment that cause diabetes but hep c it self. I suffer from both. This of course is not to be taken lightly because from what I am beggining to understand hep c can bring on diabetes and then diabetes can cause hep c treatment to be Ineffective.  Of course you may not have diabetes yet and you can effect your blood sugar levels by what you eat. Yes  soda and fruit juice don't help carb's,whcih turn into sugar, don't help either. So maybe you have a chance to control or turn it around with the right diet.
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Did your diabetes impact tx? I've been looking throught the archives but not having much luck. Switched to lemon water after I heard from the nurse. (h2o with lemon squeezed in)
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No but I have to admit my sugar INTAKE has gone up at least ten times the normal amount. I simply CRAVE it day and night to the point of absurdity I cant explain.

And Ive never really been a sweets type person but now...........it's CONSTANT.

Of course that isn't what you asked but...since I don't nkow if it's connected or not....but no no diabetes.
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I have really been craving sweets too. I felt sick yesterday so only ate a bowl of ice cream with medicine. Not too sick to eat ice cream! Probably a lot diet related. Nothing sounds good so I just stuff in empty carbs. Can't blame anyone but myself, but I've been treating myself 'special' to baby myself on tx. As usual some other part of the body is going to complain. If it's not the liver it's the pancreas. Geez I wish I could just do what I want, live longer, be healthy, be skinny and have no signs of aging.
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I don't know if diabetes impacted my treatment for sure or not. Treatment did not work for me and it was only afterwords that I found a paper on the possible impact of diabetes on treatment. There is a study on new treatment drug that is suppose to help those treating for hep c and have diabetes. I can send you the link if you are interested when I get home.
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