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Diet changes?

Are there any necessary diet changes that should happen or any vitamins or supplaments that should be considered for someone diagnosed with Hep C?
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Just take as good care of your liver as possible; it has to proccess everything you eat, drink, breathe, and absorbed through the skin. No alcohol and just eat healthy, as much organic as possible, whole/raw foods, whole grains, lots of fruit and veggies, green/white tea, as little processed food as possible. Try to use unscented stuff, filtered water, natural cleaning products. Discuss any supplements with your Dr for sure, but B complex with higher B12 and vitamin D3 are good starters. None of this will stop liver damage, but at least you won't be contributing.
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Thank you!
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I can tell you what not to consume,alcohol,fatty foods,marijuana,iron supplements.

Most folks with chronic hep c are deficient in vitamin D3,calcium,magnesium,vitamin e doesn't hurt either.Best thing here is to get your blood check for all the vitamins,minerals ect. and see what you need.

Most dietitianists and doctors recommend to eat a healthy heart diet for people with hep c.

Best wishes


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It's also important to eat good sources of protein. That will help your liver to regenerate. Because the liver has a hard time processing proteins, the best sources are plant based such as a power shake, Greek yogurt, and chicken. You can get creative with your cooking and find a lot of healthy alternative ways to cook. My transplant doc said beef is also ok, so I look for low fat, grain fed when possible. Eggs are good also. Use low sodium products if you are dealing with cirhossis to prevent ascites. I was ESLD upon diagnosis, so I have to be extreme, but I still enjoy a variety of foods within the limits my nutritionist allows.
Good luck! At first it seemed overwhelming, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. There are many foods at the supermarket that allow you to eat a well balanced liver lovin' diet.
The vitamins listed by others are ones that I use also. Ask your doctor about iron consumption before buying a multi-vitamin though.
Karen :)
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Do you know how many grams of protein a cirrhotic should consume a day?
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Ask your doc. Before tx when my meld score was high, I was on 60 grams. Post tx he suggested I try for 100 to regenerate liver. It's nearly impossible with 2000 mg of sodium limit daily. I hit the protein shake w/ chick pea n hemp protein. The whey protein made me tired. Too much bad protein can bring on HE. You'll find your balance where you can feel good. Lots of protein bars and dry cereals have high protein and I consume a lot of those!
Karen :)
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