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Diet questions

It is funny the previous question was about diet also.  I don't have any symptoms of Hep C other than I notice that sometimes my upper right abdomen area is swollen and I can feel pressure under my rib cage.  Other times I don't notice it at all.  Is it possible certain foods or drinks may cause this?  I tend to get pretty anxious about my health and am worried this swelling and pressure is something that needs immediate medical attention. On the other hand, I reason that I am under the care of an internist who has referred me for treatment and the process to treat this disease is on the right track--so I should relax about this swollen feeling and don't need to call my internist. I do not drink alcohol or take any medications.  I usually drink two cups of coffee every morning but plan to quit after reading the responses to the previous question.  I eat a healthy diet but probably don't eat enough.  My weight is in the normal range.  I am meeting with Hep C specialists at the end of this month and will be starting treatment soon.
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Liver pain and swelling seem to be a symptom that many with Hep C complain of. I would discuss it with your doctor to be sure but it is a pretty common complaint around here. The virus causes inflammation of the liver and that causes pain for some people.
Sounds like you are on track and heading towards treatment. I know the waiting can be torture, wait on tests, wait on appts. wait wait wait! I hope it goes by quickly for you.
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Hi jen. Welcome aboard. I'm sorry to hear you have HCV, and that you'll be going thru this treatment, but it sure beats the alternative.
About a month before I began tx, I had that achey feeling & a little swelling in my liver as well. It seemed to subside  since I started tx. I'm geno 1a in week 11/48. I still get a faint ache in that area from time to time but not very often. I just ignore it. I figure I'm already doing all I can to fight this thing, so I just have a little image in my mind of these little smiley faces with teeth (the meds), nipping away at the HCV cells & destroying the little bastards.
But if it is REALLY concerning you, just ask your doc.
Best of luck with "killing the beast"
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thanks Kalio.  I don't have pain but just swollen pressure.  I am recovering from ovarian cyst surgery (October 31) and had not felt the swollen abdomen since prior to surgery.  I thought the abdomenal pressure was from the cyst.  But now the cyst is gone and the pressure came back along with anxious thoughts about what could it be.  I was wondering if what I ate or drank  yesterday could have caused the swelling.  I am feeling helpless because I am unsure of what to eat and drink to be as healthy as possible.  I am afraid to make wrong choices that will have a negative impact on my liver.  In reality, do these small decisions about food and drink really matter.  The funny thing is that I am a Christian who believes ultimately my life and health is in God's hands.  Having said that, I am used to being master of my body and health but it is starting to feels like Hep C is in control now.
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I remember you, I am glad you were able to deal with the ovarian issue and that is past now. I was told to eat well, avoid salty foods, red meat, processed foods and don't take iron supplements. Drink lots of water daily. The swelling/pain seems to have a mind of it's own for me and isn't related to what I eat but you might have a different experience. I would say it is due to the inflammation from Hep C and hopefully will subside some when you begin your treatment. I aam not sure what level of pain you are talking about, but any persistent pain should be discussed with your doctor. I have just heard many here with the same complaint who have Hep C so I thought I'd pass that along.
It is hard not to worry a lot once you find out you have this but it is a slow moving virus, you are on the right track and scheduled to begin treatment soon. I'd take whatever pain reliever your doctor recommended for you and see if that helps the liver pain and try to put hep c out of your mind if you can. Waiting to treat was a very hard time for me, it is for many. Eat right, try to exercise and get plenty of rest is about the best you can do.
Hang in there.
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Ascitis causes this abdominal bloating and pain and is a very serious thing. Talk to you doctor.  Fluid build up is just a massive infection waiting to happen.

And skip the caffine.

I personally think that its interesting that as Starbuck's becomes more powerful than god, coffee is suddenly a cure all for everything!

And rev: glad to see your back on your meds!
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thank you
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gramma jen, it could just be abdominaal bloating due to gas in the intestines.  it happened to me once and i thougth i had developed ascites.  it turned out to be gas and nothign more.

it could also be liver inflammation.  it happened to me too.  nothing definitive here.  your bloodwork and biopsy will give a clearer picture, and hopefully your liver will be fine.
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Thanks for posting that.  Did all you guys hear that ? stay away from Maryjane.  Chevy, is it all woman named Maryjane or does she also have a specific last name ?
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I must say I had the same liver pain/pressure and the one good thing about treament so far is my swelling is gone. I could not sleep on my side prior to treatment, now I dont even feel it.
So it is pretty common, but tx should take care of it. Might want to just run that by the doc though.
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Would I mess with you in this pristine yet intellectually charged atmosphere? Assuredly not. I'm just curious fishdoc about whether I should chew them or just swallow them whole. Any ideas? Pomegranate Mike
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If you chew them, they are kind of bitter, if you don't chew them, they might get stuck in your appendix, and cause pain and a swollen belly, and might lead to surgery......its just another of the many decisions that face us daily that I no longer feel competent to make, due to the rapid deterioration of my mental faculties (mental faculty- is that a professor of a psychiatric school??)....see, I am just so confused.  Rev, we all know you have an opinion.....we'll let you settle it? Chew and swallow, gum and swallow, gum and spit, chew and spit,.......I'm getting dizzy...
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One of my first questions on here was about my swoolen belly and I mean it got big and painfull.  I have been taking metamucil, 5 heeping table spoons a day because unlike many others I was having more trouble with getting bowls movments. Though I have used Meta. for some time before tx, I doubled my use about the 4 week of tx.  I told my Doc. on tuesaday and he said psyliun fiber maybe causing to much gas and not being released.  So I have returned to just 2 small table spoons for two days now and most of the swelling has gone down. I hope that was the problem.
  I have had that pain on right side under rib cage for about a year before tx. Doc just said not liver. But someone here made sence saying if the liver swells pain can happen from it pushing on other things. I connect it to that damn butterfly flapping his damn wings down in brazil
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