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How do I find out what kind of diet I should be on, with my varices and Hep C and cirrhosis? also what herbs are safe to take or cook with?
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I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. I’m not particularly savvy regarding your situation; perhaps other that better informed will chime in with more info.

In terms of diet, I believe you should be avoiding as much salt as possible, and at least for the short term, reduce animal proteins to avoid complications of ammonia toxicity.  Try to limit your protein intake to things like legumes and soy products; they are less likely to metabolize into ammonia in your gut. Protein is an important component of your diet though; be sure to confirm any info you gather here with your doctor.

I think there are management techniques available to reduce the risk of further gastric bleeding; these include TIPS procedure as well as utilizing ‘super glue’ and banding procedures. Long term, you’re going to require a liver transplant, from what I can gather; have you been referred to a transplant center for evaluation yet? Are you in contact with a GI or hepatologist; what are they offering you in terms of management and prognosis?

Best of luck to you,

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My primary doctor sent me to a GI to get an indoscopy. I've been going to Duke , but I only see a PA there who wants me to get back on treatment. I had a GI bleed about three years ago. I went to UNC hospital with it. They decided that it was probably caused by my spleen, which had a aneurysm on it. They did something to it, through a vein, I guess. I was really kind of out of it at the time. But, they said that the varices would probably go down after that. I was in and out of the hospital for months with pneumonia and different things. I hardly remember any of it except wanting to get out of there and come home to my cats, who I had no idea who was caring for them. I was a terrible patient. I was suppose to see a hepatologist when I got out. But, for some reason they never gave me an appointment. So several months ago I mentioned it to my doctor, that souldn't they check on my varices, and thats how i ended up getting the indoscopy. The GI doctor said I need to get on a transplant list as soon as possible.  
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It sounds as though your GI doc was on top of the situation at one point; if he recommended you for evaluation for transplant, he certainly wouldn’t have issued that lightly. If it were me, I’d try to position myself as soon as possible to get that done; at least begin the evaluation, and see what becomes of it.

I really can’t envision anything else that might be of more importance to you; you’re full compliance could be critical to your survival. Good luck; Duke has an excellent GI and transplant facility; if you can get back to them, you’ll be in very good hands.

Best to you—

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I had decompensated cirrhosis from HCV which led to my transplant just a year ago.

Although I didn't get varices, I took propanlol to prevent it. Its a beta blocker.

Try to cut all salt out of your diet. You can't completely but read every label. Even bagged salad has 2% sodium. Bread has salt though there is a kind in the freezer of health food stores that is salt free.

Eat as fresh and organic as possible. Stay away from processed food.
Like Bill says, don't eat red meat. Its best to use tofu, preferably the white kind, legumes fish and chicken are okay. Soy milk and egg white are good for your albumin levels.

Have your ammonia levels tested.
If you start to get goofy in the head, you may be showing signs of encephalopathy.Then you will need to take lactulose.

I hope you have someone looking after you. My mind got so fuzzy that I really didn't know how sick I was.

Get on that transplant list, NOW!!
Your doctor saying you need it means your liver disease is worsening.
You won't believe how good you are going to feel once you have that transplant.

Please feel free to write to me with any additional questions.
Good luck,
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