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Disappointed in VX-950

As one who will not do the SOC as it stands now, and hoping for better meds I was somewhat dissappointed in Vertex's latest web cast. They made it perfectly clear that they thought peg and riba were the lead drugs and vx-950 was just an add on.

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Even if vx goes on to be part of the peg/riba combo but proves to either enhance svr chances or to shorten treatment duration, it's better than a stick in the eye.
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Agreed.  Still after all the hoopla a few years ago with the mono info and the huge log drops I was hoping for better.

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No, it's not the "magic bullet" we were all hoping for, but as Flguy says at least we can attain evr/rvr and a shorter tx schedule. Cutting tx from 48 weeks and longer to 24 weeks will be a giant step. Maybe the second generation of PI's will have the answers.
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If is a big word.  Vertex seems to be the masters of hype.  The proof will be in the pudding.  As with all drug companys they tend to bend the data to suit their needs. The phase 3 trials next year will give a clearer picture as far as the 24 weeks are concerned.  Strange protocal with 12 weeks of vx-950 followed with 12 od soc.

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What is 'soc?'
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I'm in the Prove 3 trial.  Obviously don't know which arm yet

Arm B of the Prove 3 trial is just what your described; 12 weeks of VX950+RBV+INF followed by 12 weeks of SOC.  I think this arm makes the most sense and will become the standard.  Reason is 1a's 1b's are going UND very early (some as soon as 4 days; 15-21 days seems to be the norm for Prove i and Prove 2),  Then kill off the remaining virus with SOC.

VX950 is not without it'sides which is why I think it makes sense to use it for three months, get RVR then follow-up with INF + RBV.   BTW, I don think that the Ribaviren is still a necessary component along with the INF.  A Prove 2 guy named Nick who did 12 weeks of VX950 + INF but no RBV relapsed which support this theory (much to Nick's dissapointment).

The D Arm which is 48 weeks of VX950+INF+RBV to me is overkill.   A full year of a trial drug sounds like a lot but we'll all see what the optimum doseage, time and combinations of drugs are.

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SOC = Standard of Care.  For HCV that means interferon and ribavirin.

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I wouldn't mind doing the full 48 of 950/Inf/riba if the odds were very, very good then that I'd be getting SVR.

To me - it's not how QUICKLY we can get there, but how great the chances are of how well we achieve and how many get SVR.

So far all we know if that it has great results creating rapid responders but what we don't know what the SVR odds are.

I'd root for the SVR odds over ANYTHING else.

And yes upbeat - the tremendous hype around the drug is something I"ve long ago learned to avoid. IT's all about making money after all and It's not the first magic bullet hopeful nor will it be the last.

But anything that helps us get SVR - sounds good to me.

I hope I don't need to use it but if I do, I'm glad it might be there.
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I am still encouraged, not depressed.  Like others have said - anything that may shorten the treatment is a good drug to me.  I guess I have resigned myself to the fact that this is just another add on.  
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I believe arm b is 24 weeks of 950, inf and riba followed by 24 weeks of inf and riba.

Arm d is 12 weeks of 950, inf and riba followed by 12 weeks of inf and riba.

I agree with nygirl, any improvement over SOC either in time on drugs or percentages of SVR is a very good thing.  I am in this for the 8th treatment and I think I am going to achieve svr for the first time!

The CEO of Vertex said that Riba was an important part of the mix and added to the svr rate even when the dropouts due to sides from riba were subtracted.  For first generation inhibitors it looks like it will be part of the mix.
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I should add that I did not get the impression they thought inf and riba were the lead drugs.  I had the impression they thought this would be a major improvement in SOC, and the first step in series of new drugs. The impression I got is that each drug played a major role in the "cure".

While I am also dissapointed that it is not a silver bullet.  I am very optimistic that it will receive FDA approval and will be a major improvement in treatment.
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I tend to agree with you, any improvement is an improvement...if it helps cut treatment times in half, I'm all for it...there saying that the ultimate treatment will have the PI's along with the other one's I cant spell at the moment, shorten treatment times and add many percentage points to SVR rates (had only a few hours sleep...)
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