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Discontinuing Treatment...

     Just a quick note to let everyone know that I have been directed by my hepotologist to discontinue treatment. I was in week 33 when I experienced three transient ischemic attacks (TIA) in four days. These TIAs are a sort of mini strokes. Symptoms where slurred speach, droopy and numb left side of face, vision problems. Just like a stroke but fortunately not premanent. According to my study doc can be caused by the interferon. Which is why the took me out of the study. It can also be caused by anemia (Hemo was at 10, started at 19) and high tryglicerides (very irratic while on treatment). Probably a lot of other things, but I am 50 yrs old and had never had one before. After three days in the hospital and loads of tests, they found nothing wrong with me. Just evidence if the TIA.

Anyway, I have been in the "Big Blue Pill" study. The doctors said they are hopeful that I can still maintain SVR since I was undetectable at 4 weeks. We will see...Also, try to impress upon the people who are taking care of you exactly how you are feeling physically. Sometimes they don't hear you. In my case I suggested being put on Procrit but was told my cell count wasn't low enough. But I know how I felt...Who knows, I am disappointed to not complete the course of treatment. Especially after the second time around. IAt this point all I can do is try to live a good life and strech it out as long as possible. Good luck to all of you. And thanks for the input. I didn't always contribute to this furum, but I did take a lot out.

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I'm so sorry about your situation. My prayers that you will make a big fat SVR anyway!!!!!

The best to you,
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Wow I have to say that certainly sounds like a time that you should indeed stop with this TIA stuff.  Perhaps with the big blue guy o n board and UND at 4 you will indeed get SVR and that will have made it all worthwhile.

We certainly WILL pray for that SVR and you know it.

GREAT luck to you!
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Since you were UND at week 4, I think you could very well SVR anyway with 33 weeks.  

I hope all of your other med issues clear up for you soon!
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OddS are you are SVR.
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I am sorry you had to stop your treatment. I have came close to stopping my treatment as well due to low hgb. I am at 38 weeks now. Have ten to go. To be so close to the end and think I may have to stop is very disapointing.I can only imagine how you must feel. But you chances for svr are very good! I was und at 4 weeks also and am also taking the Boceprevir (that is the big blue pill you are speaking of?).
I am curious as to if you ever had any wierd symtoms before your tia. I can move my eyes sometimes and feel like I have been kneeling and got up real fast. Not exactly a head rush but a real dizzy feeling . I am figuring it is from my low blood counts.
You are in my prayers.
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IM IN a BOC trial also,i do get a strange buzz like sound in my head sometimes,only get dizzy if i sneeze...my last shot may be today # 36 of maybe 48
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