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Do people buy Harvoni on the private market?

Do people buy Harvoni on the private market rather than pay out HUGE money to big pharma?
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Yes people are buying generic Harvoni from various countries to take tx into their own hands.  It's perfectly safe and there are many places to order from in Australia, India, Bangladesh and other countries as well.  Prices are approximately less than $1500 USD, you normally can't pay with a credit card though, usually you gotta pay with Western Union.  Pamela Anderson from Baywatch ordered from Australia, just to name somebody you may have heard of.  You will need a prescription from your doctor in order to buy the meds.  If you're in the USA, its not a problem as you are entitled to have drugs shipped to you from overseas for your tx.  Customs may come into the picture but they know the drill and you're not doing anything wrong.  Just google generic hepatitis c drugs or generic Harvoni and you'll see many companies come up.  Check out the link, it's about a reputable company from China but you can order from whoever you want, just do your research.  good luck

http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Hep-C-treatment/show/2720205  ;
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This is a cut and paste from one of my new HepC friends.  
  good luck!!  
"Thank you all, I wish I could say Harvoni cured me, but it did not. Generic sofisbuvir and ledipasvir from China did. I would still be very sick without it.
Gilead us a hedge fund under the guise if a pharmaceutical company. They want priducts that will cure diseases that are problems in wealthy, industrialized countries. Don't look for them to come up with a cure for malaria, Ebola or Zika. There is just not enough money in it fir them to be interested.
Gilead will continue to tend the geese that lay the golden eggs until the U.S., like Australia, forces them to "make a deal". Then they will cook and eat them.
In the U.S., insurers are relaxing restrictions on treatment because of legal pressure brought about by patients over denial of treatment. This will cause substantial increases in everyone's premiums, with Gilead getting the money.
Health insurance companies don't go broke. The have reserve funds, and when they have to tap into them one year, they raise premiums the next to cover the shortfall.
Widespread acceptance of affordable HCV generics is the only way Greediad will have its hand forced. That, or government intervention by Congress. Don't hold your breath waiting on that bunch..
Dr. James Freeman's EASL presentation on the stellar results of the REDEMPTION clinical trials showed generics to be just as effective as the "branded" priducts at 1/100th the cost.
We are in a high stakes poker game here. The insurance companies sre the "house"-they can't lose. Gilead has got all the money and is s shrewd card shark. We are the chips.
They are playing with our lives.

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There is a very nice guy in Austrailia who is helping people  I wrote to him.  He emailed me back right away.  Unfortunately my friend decided he is just going to die of end stage liver disease.  I am beyond upset about this turn of events.
You can find him like fretboard said.  Good luck to you!
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Dear Peter, I am from Myanmar. In our country, we could purchase generic drugs from India very easily with low prices. Me myself have hepatitis c genotype 6n and for that I am taking generic Harvoni. I have very good contact and I can direct you if you wish to come to my country. I think the price for generic harvoni from Cipla company ( Hepcvir L) is round about $400 for 1 bot. But you need presription from a doctor for drug purchase.
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Outstanding post fretboard (and mister99).   Thanks for sharing that.
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