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Do you have mouth sores?

Hi guys,

Does anyone else have these painful mouth sores? I have like blisters all over the front 1/3 of my tongue, both sides of my mouth are cracked, and inside my bottom lip is raw with a couple sores.  It is SOOOO painful!!!!!!

I went to the drugstore and bought some stuff and it is helping a little, but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

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Vitamin B complex did the trick for me in a matter of days.
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Hey Kelle,

I haven't had the sores inside my mouth, but I have had the problem of the corners of my mouth cracking. Blistex medicated lip ointment has helped me with that somewhat.

I've heard of people getting an Rx for something called Magic Mouth Wash. Dont know much about it but you might try a search for it.

I know it's not that uncommon to get the sores you're talking about so I'm sure you'll get some good feedback

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I finally had to call the doctor at 10:30 p.m. I couldn't stand it anymore. She did send me the "Magic Mouthwash." It has Lidocane in it and you swish and then swallow. It makes your whole mouth and throat numb. It was also $40.00! The numbness doesn't last long though.
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Glad you are getting at least some relief. From what I've read, the sores tend to go away in about a week.

Just to clairify....do the instructions say swish and SWALLOW or swish and SPIT?
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Let me tell you about my mouth sores...... LOL - nasty little sx - try Biotene Mouthwash and Biotene toothepaste - my mouth was so sore, it was hard to do a good brushing.
Watch out at night and make sure you don't breathe thru your mouth while sleeping, will increase the discomfort.  Your mouth is filled with nasty germs and while not on TX, your saliva keeps it all balanced.  But during TX, the balance is way off and infections can start.  I made my own "magic mouthwash" = Children's Bendryl (liquid) and Maalox
( mix it up in a shot glass and swish in mouth & spit ) It may not be as good as the RX magic mouthwash, but did the trick for me.  Before going to bed, i use a "mouth moisturizer" and chap stick to keep my mouth moist.  Go to the drug store - many products available.  Be aware, these sores may come and go now all during your TX - but ONE DAY ay a time >;o)
I have heard they are not unusual.  I also have a very sore throat and roof of mouth too.
Good luck and when strange SX pop up - post in forum
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I don't know if the mouth sores you have are the same as cankers sores but I use Zinc and Lysine...I have gotten canker sores since childhood and the combo of zinc and lysine have always shortened the duration and severity of it.

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There is even a Biotène Chewing gum, to fight bacteria and keep the mouth moist. Here is a excerpt from the health pages TX rescue drugs.

Hope you feel better soon, Marcia

Ulcers        -  mouth ulcers        Magic Mouthwash (ingredients might be different)

                                            Diphenhydramine syrup 60ml
                                            Licocaine 2%
                                            Viscous 60ml
                                            Maalox Suspension 60ml = 180ml
          -  non prescription        bio-act. enzyme protect.    Biotene Oral Balance products
           -  oral thrush               clotrimazole                    Mycelex lozenges

                                             nystatin                         Mycostatin
          - severe mouth ulcers    Palifermin injections          Kepivance
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I have the cracking in the corners of my mouth and have had it for the entire 6 months that I have been on tx so far.  My GI and my PCP told me that this is Candida, a form of a yeast infection and that it is happening because the immune system is so supressed.   My GI has me using miconazole cream on the cracks.  Unfortunately the never go completely away but the miconazole doe help.  There is a drug out there call Diflucan but my GI won't let me use it because he said it really messes the chemical make up in the body.

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Forgot ...

If you do a web search on "angular cheilitis" you'll find some very interesting reading.

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I've been fortunate to have a small aloe plant at my disposal and have pinched off bits of it and bandaided them with the gooey side down to my mouth corners overnight. By morning, they are nearly healed, and good old fashioned bag balm during the day (or lanolin) finished them off...this may sound hilarious, but whatever works, right? LOL
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i had to use the magic mouthwash...but i had a tongue ring and some how the meds caused my body to reject the tongue ring and i took it out 1hr later the swelling and soreness of tongue was over
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Hi guys:

Well, my doctor sent me some meds Saturday night. Nash, yes, it said to swallow. By Monday, the mouth sores were gone, but these effin cracks HURT SO BAD!!!  Each morning, I wake up hopeful and each morning they are still there. I have taken to pulling off the scabs, because it doesn't hurt when I open my mouth if I do that.

My doctor still won't give me pain meds and I'm SERIOUSLY considering dropping out of treatment.

I'm depressed and pissy. I'm ugly and feel like a monster. My life is completely unbalanced.

On top of that, I am in recovery and my sponsor (mentor) dumped me three days before my 2yr anniversary (yesterday) which was my "big one" .  I never had two years before, just a bunch on one year's.
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(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))) Hang in there...It really ***** that you've lost a strong source of your support system when you're at a low...WOW! 2 Years, huh? That's quite an accomplishment...If you aren't on antidepressants, be aware this txing can really mess with your head...If you already are prone to depression, it can make it worse. Many people have to go on them just to keep their sanity (and to probably keep from becoming homicidal)...Picture Godzilla sized PMS...yup. that's a good fit...LOL
Only you know when to say when for stopping treatment. Your Dr can advise you, your support group can say "don't!", but you are the one that has to live with the decision. Yes, you feel crappy right now, and you're pissy, and you ache, and are probably not sleeping well...You may even feel like looking up every person who has ever wronged you and setting fire to their hair...(By the way, I wouldn't recommend doing that..) For most, either with or without antiD's, this passes...hang in there...Many here have gone through what you are, and have come out the other end of the tunnel...Take care...It's really okay to vent here if you need to...  ~Melinda
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Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you. Hugs, Marcia
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The cracks are indeed painful, especially when ya yawn eh?   Have you tried the miconazole cream yet?  It will keep them somewhat tolerable.  Go to WalMart and by their brand.  It's actually for vaginal yeast infections so you're going to have to just throw out the applicators.  My GI has me apply the miconazole 2 to 3 times a day and then  I use a 100% lanolin cream at night.

Oh  and I have a hard time keeping my hands away from the too but... ya gotta try not to fuss with them, they will get infected.

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Hang in there, I had to take off from work for a week because of the mouth sores.  I used lidocaine, biotine and script that is antibiotic (it doesnt work) but slowly it got better,  My doctor actually was going to stop the treatment and i said NO.  Try and eat soft, cold things, ice cream, pudding, yogurt etc.  The cracks are always there,before bed i put on dab of neosporine, it helps somewhat.

hang in there!  I know how bad they hurt!

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OMG, would you believe that it's STILL THERE?????  I've tried everything. I'm so pissed (and ugly)
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I recently noticed my mouth feels raw like it was burnt w/hot coffee. Or someone poured hot lava into it. Mouthwash hurts and so does brushing. Now everything tastes metalic. I am feeling pretty miserable with the rash that itches like crazy and now my mouth has also turned into a constant irritant. I will have to find some magic mouthwash.
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I can't believe!  Finally after two years I find people who are going thru the same **** I am!  I haven't tried the Maalox with Benedryl but I have tried everything else.  Two years ago, I had the Cheilitis, itching so bad which I never experienced and then my tongue broke out all over with sores, not blisters, sores like ulcers, like reactions to Meds. which we think started the whole dang mess because I developed Narcolepsy from ME/CFS and was put on Provigil to help keep me awake (haven't driven in two years either).  Due to the inexperience with severe itching (in the corners of my mouth), the cheilitis scared down to underneath my chin almost to my neck.  I had chickenpox when I was very little and I don't remember the itching.  Two weeks ago tomorrow (Tues.) I had a biopsy finally on my tongue and he Rx'ed me an Antimicrobial/Antibiotic to rinse with and at first I must tell you I didn't  think I would be able to use it.  I have been using Bioteen mouthwash, Prevention mouthwash (which is very useful and doesn't burn, cancer patients use it, there are two kinds, one with a green label and one with a blue), and Bioteen toothpaste.  Every so many months I can briefly use my Colgate, but only briefly because it burns!! Ugh!  I use to take Benedryl everynight up until about 7 or 8 months ago in case I was reacting to any meds.  Finally I weened myself off of that, and as far as the cheilitis goes, I have tried everything, been to a Derm, who was of NO use!  I took my bag of stuff with me, filled almost to the brim, I even tried alternative stuff, vitamins, suppliments, diet, to NO avail.
I am encouraged about my tongue because it is no longer staying broke out like it used to, but the cheilitis is one tough cookie!
Thanks for having this forumn!
Blessings and Merry Christmas~Beauty
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I'm sure what you've been reading ,as information, is plentiful from the forum", so I'm not sure if  I can bring to you any more value. It sounds like "thrush".  I got it into my 10th week of txt...and I still have it...8 mo later.  It's stubborn. I tried "nystatin" to no avail.  Most recently...I've been prescribed "diflucam?" (hard to read because it's the dr's writing).  The mouth doesn't properly make "saliva"..and so goes into a "bacterial situation"..like a "yeast infection". Although, it's stubborn, mine is subsiding and i now longer feel pain, just "gumminess".  M
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I have the same thing, and have had for about the past 3 months (I've lost count!), it's driving me crazy.  I showed my NP and she kinda shrugged and said there was nothing we could do.  First time she's ever said that to me.

Anyway, I'm off to the Doc (GP not Hepa) in a few hours as I am starting to suspect a systemic thrush infection...

I'm interested in diflucam as well but I have heard it interacts with tx drugs. Going to ask my Doc and will let you know..

Epi :)
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Just wanted to say that my treating hepatologist prescribed fluconazole (deflucan) for candida and nail fungus. She said that it does NOT interfere with tx. But it can elevate the liver enzymes, and she is keeping an extra eye on them. I have takenthe time release 1 xweek tablets for some months now and no elevation in my liver enzymes so far.
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Thanks so much for mentioning the Fluconazole earlier.  My GP has prescribed some for me too but I'm waiting until after all my blood tests tomorrow (which will include LFTs) before I take one so that I have a baseline test to compare with if needed.  I will also run it past my Nurse as I am not supposed to take additional meds without clearing it with the study unit.  I am very tempted to say nothing but cos I'm still in the study I need to be honest.
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