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Do you have mouth sores?

Hi guys,

Does anyone else have these painful mouth sores? I have like blisters all over the front 1/3 of my tongue, both sides of my mouth are cracked, and inside my bottom lip is raw with a couple sores.  It is SOOOO painful!!!!!!

I went to the drugstore and bought some stuff and it is helping a little, but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

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Vitamin B complex did the trick for me in a matter of days.
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Hey Kelle,

I haven't had the sores inside my mouth, but I have had the problem of the corners of my mouth cracking. Blistex medicated lip ointment has helped me with that somewhat.

I've heard of people getting an Rx for something called Magic Mouth Wash. Dont know much about it but you might try a search for it.

I know it's not that uncommon to get the sores you're talking about so I'm sure you'll get some good feedback

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I finally had to call the doctor at 10:30 p.m. I couldn't stand it anymore. She did send me the "Magic Mouthwash." It has Lidocane in it and you swish and then swallow. It makes your whole mouth and throat numb. It was also $40.00! The numbness doesn't last long though.
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Glad you are getting at least some relief. From what I've read, the sores tend to go away in about a week.

Just to clairify....do the instructions say swish and SWALLOW or swish and SPIT?
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Let me tell you about my mouth sores...... LOL - nasty little sx - try Biotene Mouthwash and Biotene toothepaste - my mouth was so sore, it was hard to do a good brushing.
Watch out at night and make sure you don't breathe thru your mouth while sleeping, will increase the discomfort.  Your mouth is filled with nasty germs and while not on TX, your saliva keeps it all balanced.  But during TX, the balance is way off and infections can start.  I made my own "magic mouthwash" = Children's Bendryl (liquid) and Maalox
( mix it up in a shot glass and swish in mouth & spit ) It may not be as good as the RX magic mouthwash, but did the trick for me.  Before going to bed, i use a "mouth moisturizer" and chap stick to keep my mouth moist.  Go to the drug store - many products available.  Be aware, these sores may come and go now all during your TX - but ONE DAY ay a time >;o)
I have heard they are not unusual.  I also have a very sore throat and roof of mouth too.
Good luck and when strange SX pop up - post in forum
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I don't know if the mouth sores you have are the same as cankers sores but I use Zinc and Lysine...I have gotten canker sores since childhood and the combo of zinc and lysine have always shortened the duration and severity of it.

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