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Do you need to lose weight b4 TR??

I am not sure when I will do treatment, but I am about 30 pounds over weight because I have been out of work for 2 years and just put on weight. Anyway my question is, my gastro doctor said I need to lose weight so the treatment will help me but I dont understand cause everyone says that you lose treatment when doing treatment. has anyone heard that if you are over weight you need to lose so tr will be effective? I know that i need to for my health but if im going to lose during tr then i dont get it..
thank you, becki
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Yes Becki, you should lose weight, as a fatty liver (liver steatosis) reduces SVR levels. To give yourself the best chance of SVR this is one of the few host factor that can be changed so it is worth doing. Also the more healthy you are going into treatment the easier it will be to deal with the treatments side effects. I had been put on an exercise and diet program in anticipation to treating myself.

For more info:
Fatty Liver: Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH)

Good luck with your treatment!
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I am in week 13 of treatment and have not lost any weight.  I actually gained 3 pounds.  I also heard that everyone lost weight, well it is not true.
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It seems to me that the people who want to lose weight dont and the people that are already skinny and can't afford to lose the weight do.  I was a skeleton while on treatment then when it  was over gainned back all I lost PLUS 20 pounds and man oh man it was impossible to lose.......that is typical of life isn't it?

Becki if you can lose it - lose it but as I found out after treatment it sure isn't that easy a thing to do!
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obesity can be a detriment to treatment  along with fatty liver disease diabetes is also a consideration
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Thanks everyone for the info. yes it is so hard to lose weight and even more cause i have been depressed since i lost my job. bored at home.

thanks, becki
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