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What happens to people who goes to more than one doc to get pain meds?
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My ex did that ... but not for pain meds. He liked Ritalin. He was getting it from 3 different doctors. I think the pharmacy noticed and called the doctors. They all just refused to see him anymore.

You can pretty much bet that the person getting pain meds from more than one doctor is addicted though. That doesn't lead to a happy life for anybody involved.

Good Luck,

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Yes ditto - pharmacy's as well as doctors do not like to be played by drug addicts.  It might go on for a little while but once caught - that's it. They will notify the doctors without hesitation.
And pharmacies do notice as do insurance companies.

Do you realize this is a hepatitis C forum?
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"What happens to people who goes to more than one doc to get pain meds?"

In most cases they would be classified as prescription drug addicts but you probably couldn't convince them of that.
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Eventually they graduate to shooting dope, and then eventually they get to discuss the new treatments we are all waiting for!
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Brava PJ now there you have the truth and dammit if it's not 100% accurate.
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"In most cases they would be classified as prescription drug addicts but you probably couldn't convince them of that".

I guess I resemble that remark. lol  I used to make doctors all the time back in the day so I guess I am an ex-prescription addict although I prefer the term (pillhead), it just seems a bit nicer.lol  I don't really understand the question, what do you mean what happens?  I got fxxd up for alot of years, that's what happened to me!! lol Of course this was waay back when Reds, Yellows, Quaaludes, Codeine and all that other stuff was prevalent.  I'm sure it was waaay before any of youse time frames.lol  It's my guess that it would be extremely difficult to do today unless you pay cash and even then you'd have to use different names and different pharmacies as all our scripts are kept on the computer and is known to anybody who has access.  Anyways just so you know I got clean and sober and I don't mess around like that anymore and I haven't done stuff like that for over 25 to 30 years.  Well maybe not that long but long enough!!  Anyways, that's all I got on the subject.
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pj doesn't mince any words.  Too funny
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They become customers of more than one pharmacy?  
They never know whether they are coming or going?
They begin to see double?
When they sing "Doctor, Doctor, give me the news" they really mean it.

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