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Does an ALT of 114 mean i have hep C?

Im new and had a recent blood test for thyroid function and it picked up an ALT of 114! I did have 83 last yr. Im on 40mg of citalopram for depression but Im freaked out that it could mean hep C. dont drink a massive amount, eat healthily and am fit & healthy apart from this. Can a high ALT be for another reason?
Thanks a lot.

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The first thing you should do is go get tested,  Until you do, anything we say is conjecture.

But yes many things can raise liver levels.

Good luck and again hope you go tested, simple blood test.

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well, looks like i'm about four years late, in answering your question...but i had scarily high ALT/AST, when it had been normal (under 20)...they were like 400+ and 500+, seriously, they thought i had hepatitis, in the beginning, and then ruled that out..i kept going in for repeated levels test, and ruling out things..they wanted to give me 60 mg of prednisone..thank GOD i knew better than to take it...(have many war stories from so many people that have "just taken" it..they wanted to biopsy my liver..of course i said no! and i researched and decided on a liver-cleanse, au naturel, and i did one, and they levels went down by hundreds of points..they were shocked...i dont' know to this day what caused those to shoot up, but....taking prednisone to cover it up and make you gain 100 lbs, while it's killing your organs...ah, no..wondering how you made out...yrs later..do your own research..we must find out the cause, not by poking holes in you...good luck, Q
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