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Does anyone have any links to studies on Depression with Hepatitis C

Im trying to find any studies or information on Depression associated with having Hepatitis C.  We all know that we are depressed but there seems to be a lack of information on actually relating hepatitis c to depression.  Any help any of you can give me would be really appreciated.
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I posted a link to jodylyn in an earlier thread from the cleveland clinic, it mentions the prevalence of mental health issues in the hep c pos.  If you go to natap.org, you might find many in archives.  the AASLD conferences yield many presentations and I have seen some on depression.
Have you google hep c and depression yet? that yields a lot of results.
take care
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Supposedly severe depression strikes 1/3 of us.

Have you googled for articles?  I would put in HCV and depression and you should get a boatload.

Yup I just did and a ton came up.  Google is always the best!

Hepatitis C and depression.Interferon is the primary treatment for chronic hepatitis C but can induce depression and other mental and neuropsychiatric syndromes. ...
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=9706456&dopt=Abstract - Similar pages
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or google hcv and interferon - that might give you better results geared at treatment and depression.
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Thanx for the info, i have googled it, and come up with some information,

What I am really after is if there is any scientific evidence that proves or suggests that hepatitis can cause problems with seretonin levels in the brain and cause depression and if there is a direct link to that.  

I dont want information on depression whilst on treatment, there is plenty of that around, and we all know that we can get depressed on interferon/ribavirin or any other treatment.
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you might have to search that term specifically; serotonin and hep c. see what you get.  there is some stuff out there, I have seen it but not marked it.
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I don't think they have spent nearly enough time studying any of our stuff I tell you that.

I'd google serotonin too.
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