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Does anyone know about the ingredients in pegatron?

I do know that peg stands for polyethelene glycol which in laymens terms is antifreeze. I asked my hep c dr. about this and he told me that is true but its only a very small amt. It only takes a sml. amt. to kill a cat or a dog so how about a virus? How about our bodies?  Does anyone know the rest of the cocktail in terms that we can understand.
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No, *ethylene* glycol is the antifreeze component; polyethylene glycol is used in toothpastes and laxatives, as well as a pharmaceutical additive;

“Polyethylene glycol has a low toxicity and is used in a variety of products”:


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We've had the whole anti-freeze debate before.
The glycol peg breaks down slowly releasing the interferon on a time control.
Pegylated interferon and ant-freeze have another ingredient in common -water.
If you don't like the sound of it don't take it and take the consequences.
Interferon itself does not kill virus it activates your own t-cells which seek and destroy infected cells in your body.
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It's basically the same type of Interferon that is used in the Intron-A, except it's been 'pegylated' into a longer acting form of it.  I used to take Intron-A way back in the old days before the Pegs came into being.

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. Wish my doc would have explained it better. I'm new to the site  HCA so didn't see the previous discussion on this before. Thanks for clearing this up.
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Welcome to the discussion group!
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How do you make anti-freeze???

Take away her underwear
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