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Does anyone take this while on TX,,,????

Spirulina is gaining more attention from medical scientists as a nutraceutical and source of potential pharmaceuticals. There are several new peer reviewed scientific studies about Spirulina's ability to inhibit viral replication, strengthen both the cellular and humoral arms of the immune system and cause regression and inhibition of cancers. While these studies are preliminary and more research is needed, the results so far are exciting.

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You wont beleive this one....just talked to my study nurse and she says its ok to use milk thisltle while on tx drugs...i asked her about taking a good green drink ,,like simple sprlina...she says no..are there studies that say milk thistle improves tx.???..im confused...i cant a green for but its ok to eat the hergb milk thistle?....sometimes i really wonder if the medical field really know anything about nutrition...can .someone here relate to this??...im just wanna take good foods to ward off the sx....i dont see any diff in a head of romaine lettuce and spirlina..there both chlorphyll rich foods...id pull my hair out but i shave my head twice
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i cant have a green drink.but its ok to eat lettuce?

something wrong with this picture
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You said "study nurse"? What study are you in?

I am in a Vertex study and I was told to take only a multi vitamin...no milk thistle, no herbs...no ginger for nausia....no stevia in my oatmeal...nothing! Until after I was done taking the Telaprevir/Placebo (12 wks). Then I can take what ever I want. I am under the impression that they don't want anything to skew the results of the trial.

I have been very fortunate with mild sx...I have 4 weeks left on the trial drug/placebo then SOC for at least 12 more weeks....maybe even 48 weeks if I am in the placebo group.
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I have said this before but the notion that milk thistle is bad on treatment is an urban myth!
It's simply that when the trials for peg were undertaken milk thistle was not allowed 'cos they didn't want some on it and some not.
This has passed into folklore as 'milk thistle stops interferon working'.Rubbish-how could anyone know without a study and who would waste time and money on that.
I take milk thistle and some other supplements but I don't really believe they do any good.
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I'm also in a Vertex study and all they said about the numerous supplements I was on at screening was to be careful.  

I stopped everything  when I started the study, but I was surprised they had nothing to say about it  

I do know that I stopped the spirulina a while ago after someone posted it could be hepitoxic....I'm going to search for the thread now............
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Ok, I have to scratch that last comment-I can't find the post.  

Wish ya the best with the trial.....which one is it???
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