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Does the calcium in milk block Ribavirin absorbtion?

I usually tke my Ribavirin in the morning with a smoothie composed of full fat yogurt, fruit and coconut oil.  I was just wondering if anyone else takes their Riba with milk or dairy products because I read somewhere that calcium could possibly block absorbtion of the drug.  Any feedback?
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That is interesting, I am wondering why my calcium levels were so low on my last lab. I eat enough ice cream to have more calcium than that! I have cut back after NYgirl mentioned 325 calories per half a cup. I feel a bit fatter, even though I have no appetite for anything else. I bought some fudgicles. They will take some time to  get used to over hand packed strawberry icecream.

Perhaps the Riba blocks it in some, I think mine is working due to the huge drop in hgb. It may be I am using MORE calcium, since my level of it has gone down.

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Effect of Antacid on Absorption of Ribavirin   Coadministration with an antacid containing magnesium, aluminum, and simethicone resulted in a 14% decrease in mean ribavirin AUC tf .

Antacid: The bioavailability of ribavirin 600 mg was decreased by ... Ribavirin (Rebetol) is a synthetic nucleoside analogue which has shown in vitro ...
www.emea.eu.int/humandocs/ PDFs/EPAR/Rebetol/H-246-PI-en.pdf
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I drank at least a quart of whole milk every day. Most likely a quart and a half. When the weather gets warm, I drink a half gallon or more.
I just got my 6 month post-tx PCR results yesterday and I am UD <10.

I would have to say that the milk did not block the riba in my case.

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Did I mention I can say SVR to 98%?

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Hey Dana:
That is great news! Like you I drink a lot of milk, always have. I never go to bed without a large glass of ice cold milk. Your report takes the worry off of me about the dairy issue. Milk - does a body good! PS I belong to the American Dairymans Association. Ha! Dale
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Thanks for the info. I am definately going to ask docs about this today. Why the GI says its okay and will give me something stronger is what really makes me furious. He should have warned me.  14% is a lot NOT to absorb! Perhaps someone knows of a better way to deal with gastrites (sp) and not cause absorbtion problems.
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