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Dose anybody know anything about Blood work

So I had my first appointment last Friday..... and she basically was looking at me like I am crazy... her energy was "WTF you doing here..... and she then basically said that there are other people who need treatment more than..... which I guess I took that they may not being doing interferion anymore.. maybe there just handing out the cure to people who are sick....very sick... anyways..... So she said well wait for blood work... well they have a site at my doctors office that posts all the blood work results and what not,....... Some of them are scarring the crap out of me....  
My ALT, NEU, RBC, and MPV others are still pending..... anyone know blood work?????????
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Post your results.   You should have a sheet that tell someone hem all.  Including if there "in range".   Also post your Hepatitis C status.
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"You should have a sheet that tells someone hem all"

"You should have a sheet that tells them all".

I think auto correct goes crazy sometimes.   Post your result here and we will tell you what they mean.
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on the page where it had my results all it had was the ranges.... and if it was high it was marked in red.... no explanation or anything.... thank you for helping ease my mind... here ya go

NEU 8.610e9/L
MPV 9.8
RBC 5.2610e 12/L
ALT 55 units
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What lab did these tests?   Also, genotypes are not a,b,c,d.....etc.  Those are sub-types.  Your genotype is 1,2,3,4,5 or 6.  Which is it?  It's a number.

What is the name of the lab.   Lab results can vary depending on labs.  My lab is "Quest Labs".
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VCU.... GENO 1... i got to VCU they have labs there..
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Here is the information to get the results of your tests.  Its from VCU. You can look them up by age and see if they are in range.  If they are out of range you can contact your doctor.

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Here is an index where you can look up what tests are for.  You can also find
more info on the VCU site.

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Hi Franki. If you are being seen at VCU, you are in very capable hands. I've heard Dr. Sanyal speak and actually worked with him on a hep project.

Your doctor is the best one to go over your labs as she knows your medical history. I can tell you that some of the more important results that she will look at to help her decide what shape your liver is in will be your albumin, bilirubin, platelet count, clotting factors (PPT, INR) and Alk Phos. As you are a genotype 1, this is the best time to be diagnosed. The new direct acting antivirals make treatment, if needed, so much easier than just a couple of years ago. The duration of treatment is between 8-24 weeks, with most people doing 12 weeks. The side effects are minimal and the success rate is well over 90% for the vast majority of patients. So don't panic. You will be well cared for. Warm wishes.
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thank you soo much....  
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it was very helpful thank you
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thank you.. that helped a lot.... but it seems I have other stuff going on too... you think they will address it... I've been waiting 4 days for them to call me back... Which seems like an eternity!!!!.........
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Are you saying that you put in a request for them to call you and you haven't received a call back yet? Call them again. They may be waiting for all your labs to be back. Some take longer than others because they are not run every day. They should address everything or send you to a specialist if it is out of their expertise. Be your own advocate. Speak up and make sure your questions get answered to your satisfaction.
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Sounds like you are in good hands, but one thing I learned is that you have to be the squeaky wheel.  DO NOT be afraid to call them, and don't think any question is stupid.  Ask for clarification on everything. This is your health, and as Surfside said now is the best time there has ever been for successfully treating.  I just reached SVR myself (cured). Best of luck.
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