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Double Dosing Correction

I posted a few days ago that Dr. Gish was going to double-dose me starting in January. This is in response to four failed treatments. I am 1a. (I believe Susan and I are the champions of multiple treatments by now, although I could be wrong).

I misunderstood what the doctor's assistant said and had it clarified today. The double dosing will consist of double Pegasys and the standard, torturous Ribavirin. I would like to know if anyone has undergone this double dosing regiment. If so, how was it?

Did you eat and sleep normally? Were you prone to lashing out at your friends? Did you have a  hard time breathing? Were you extremely depressed? Was the itching unbelievable? Did most of your hair fall out? Did you finally respond to the double-dosing?


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I did the double-Peg for 4 weeks. Relapser, G-3. Got to und after 2 weeks.  Riba was normal (1200) for the full tx, but I started it a week before the first double-Peg.  The Peg was not bad at all, I could have tolerated it much longer if I needed.  I'm sure compared to your infergen, a walk in the park.  Again, I was an 'easy geno 3'.  There is someone here (forget who) is on double much longer.  Also, Spacecoast did double for a while too (until und, then back off).  Thinks he's a G1.  The double I did was two shots at same sitting. I think Spaceman did his double as every 3/4 days.  He got quick response too, with heavy riba up front.
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Thanks for your reply. I am a little confused about your answer though. Did you clear? Were you a previous non-responder?


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I'm in a Roche Trial that involved double-dosing of pegasys.  Since the trial isn't over, I don't yet know whether I was double dosed the first 12 weeks or not, but I think I was,

At any rate, I cleared the virus (started at 22 million VL, geno 1b) somewhere between week 4 and 12, probably closer to 4 because I didn't have much virus left at week 4.  I think you will find double-dosing of great benefit if you'd had trouble getting your viral load zero'd quickly.  Personally, I would prefer to do Telepravir instead, but double-dosing pegasys early in the game can definitely get the job done.

As far as sides, I've had them all.  Anemia is a particular problem with double-dosing, but I think you're hep doc is right on target.  Some 1a's and 1b's just need the jump start, particularly is you're in the 1's, over 187 pounds, and you're viral load is high.

Some would argue that the normal dose is sufficient, but history says it wasn't enough dose in your case.
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Yes, went on to svr.  Did 46 weeks, of which 4 were double.  The fast response, I think, was the key
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I definitely can agree with your comment that "some... just need the jump start"... and as a geno 1, weighing about 210, my huband definitely might fit those 'particulars', but I'm very concerned about the anemia sx.  How soon after starting tx did it hit? How low did it go?  Is your trial a no-rescue-drugs trial?

I certainly wish you UND and SVR!

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Anemia hit around week 8.  It was nasty.  I was down to the low 10's but being a male and in a clinical trial, I couldn't get Procrit.  So I just had to tough it out and work through it.  Ironically, the anemia became more tolerable even though the hematocrit didn't increase a great deal.  

Incidentally, I'm in week 43, on a normal dose, still clear.  Actually, things looks very promising.  I would also note that another person on this board from Hawaii did the Roche trial, cleared before week 12, and to my knowledge is three months post treatment and still UND.

Another lady who is in the trial locally is also clear at week 44.  She is relapser I believe,
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