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Double Dosing?

Normally I take my Ribavirin at 6:30am (along with my VIC) and 6:30 pm. I fell asleep before my 10:30pm VIC dose and woke up to my alarm.  I was in such a deep sleep I wasn't fully awake and when I took my VIC, I also took my daily meds of ribavirin as well as my ADs.  So here I am at 6:30 am wondering if I should take today's morning dose of RIba with the VIC or wait til my 6:30pm schedule.  That would be a 20 hour lapse between doses!  Yikes!  This is twice now I wake up at 10:30pm so confused whether it is day or night...:-(

Thanks, Anita
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If I understand correctly, you took your morning dose of Riba at 10:30pm, rather than this moring at 6:30am, so you didn't miss any doses.  Since Riba has such a long half-life in the system, I wouldn't take another dose until this evening at 6:30pm.  Doubling up isn't necessary and might create some problems if your Hgb is already low.  It's always good to also confirm this with either the specialty pharmacy or your doctor with meds and dosing.  You should be fine - it happens. :-)
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Thank you sooo much flcyclist!  Yes, that is exactly what happened.  I so appreciate your advice and glad I posted before doing something foolish like taking another dose of riba.   And I will call my clinic this morning to let them know.  I also have to let them know that I will be missing 2 doses of the VIC before I go and get the next prescription since I did double dose twice on them!  They are not going to be very happy about that one!  

Last week, I actually went as far as to make my morning coffee at 10:30pm and was ready to jump in the shower to go to my dr. before I realised it was evening!  lol

Thanks again, flycyclist!  

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Well i agree on the Riba, but not to sure about missing the 2 doses of the Vic, the half life is no where near the same with Vic......... Good luck
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I agree with can-do-man on the Vic. I would ask the doctor or pharmacy or whomever is responsible about getting your next supply of meds a day or two early so that you do not miss any doses of Vic. You don't want to give the virus any windows of opportunity to develop resistant strains.  
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Agree with Can-do and pooh -  if you will run short of 2 doses of Vic due to double dosing, you should make every effort to get the Vic before your current supply runs out.  As stated above, you don't want to miss the Vic doses.  I hope the clinic can get you supplied before you run out.  Good luck.
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Agree with Tricyclist who agrees with Pooh who agrees with Candyman who agrees with Tricyclist... my mind's riding in circles :).  Looks like it's just Riba and Vic that are disagreeable.  
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"Looks like it's just Riba and Vic that are disagreeable."

Yeah and before you know it a little peg comes along..:)
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I agree with  tri,pooh cando then tri again  Eureka and Peg  on whatever the question was  :0)

Just kidding  starshine.....with all the good folks above responding I have nothing to add...

Good luck..
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Thank you everyone for the responses and got good news yesterday...my VIC will be delivered on Monday...wooo hooo!  Definately no windows of opportunity for failure!  Thanks soo much much for all your help! So no worries of missing any doses...and now that I am registered with VIC, I can call them with any questions also.  No if I can just get my days and nights straight!  And the days keep getting shorter and darker..lol  
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