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Dr. Blaylock

I just wonder why we should believe you when you say Blaylock is a nut. What are your qualifications enabling you to call a doctor a nut.  I do believe he is not the only one to tell the public aspartame is harmful to your health. My own doctor will and has told me that. I got into snoopes to check on Blaylock and got to this page somehow, and I find more people hammering someone without a notable proven reason.  Who is paying who here? People need the facts not guesswork. It would be nice if we could believe someone.
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"What are your qualifications enabling you to call a doctor a nut."

My qualifications are a keyboard and a decent command of the English language.  Who gave you the idea that anybody needs justify his/her opinion to you?
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It's much more productive to be friendly and if you have good information to share that you believe in - to try and share it that way.  It just makes no sense to arbitrarily just yell at an entire forum of people.

Unless you work for or are related to this doctor or have some personal interest in him and his products/books.

Then - we get it and we get it good.

We don't advocate much buying or selling in here. Except in the case of Gold Bond Triple Threat Anti Itch Medicated Cream. For them I have heard I am the top salesman of all time.

For that and ice cream.  Fudgicles in particular.

Good luck.
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Sorry you don't like our posts NAlartist.  You seem angry that people share differences of opinions.  That is what a forum is for.  It's not nice to show up for the first time and start accusing people of making false statements when you don't provide any background about yourself or the real basis of your post other than defending Dr. Blaylock who some may know of but I certainly don't.  This is a hepc forum, not a tribunal for Dr. Blaylock.  
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