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Drinking - Post Tx

Hi All: Been 1-1/2 years post-tx (successful) and I wanted to get thoughts on occassional drinking. I haven't drank (and never did that much anyways) since being diagnosed - but was wondering if anyone else has the same fear that if you have one drink you may throw gasoline on any "hidden" buggers and re-ignite the fire. Has anyone drank after successful tx then had a PCR test done?

Just thinking of going out this weekend and indulging in a few.

Thanks for your thoughts and I hope everyone has a tolerable weekend!

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I have the same question.  I am about one year post tx, SVR, and would like a glass of wine from time to time, but also am concerned that it could potentially lead to an activation of hidden viral copies lingering in the liver.  There seems to be evidence that lingering virions DO exist after SVR, in the liver, often for a few years.  Miles Andrews has also mentioned that fact in the past.  Most docs would say hooey, the virus is GONE, Eradicated!  But I am not sure they know as much as they think sometimes!  The other obvious concern is further damage for fibrotic/cirrhotic individuals.  In that case I think extreme moderation would be the key.  But, still my bigger concern would be the 'hidden virion' theory.  If the docs are not fully correct on this one, then we are going to pay the price.

Lte's hear from the SVR's out there, who have been able to continue drinking in moderation (or otherwise), and have remained SVR!!!  There must be a research study somewhere on this issue.

Good Question Laurie!

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There is no evidence that the HCV "hides" in reservoirs like the HIV does. The HCV is very aggressive and would be detectable in the blood rather quickly after reinfection or after the anti-viral pressure of interferon/Riba has been removed.

Provided there are no other reasons to abstain from alcohol consumption, please enjoy in moderation!  I would, but only God knows where/when/how I would stop.
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oh come on..get on with life...what if what if...get on the clue bus...if you are svr..then that is that..;.if you do not have cirrosis..or habitual alcholism...moderation is not gonna grow the virus back...
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I discussed this with my hepatologist and he does not have a problem with me having wine. I had it every night with dinner for as long as I can remember. I don't have liver damage so I don't have that to worry about. Initially I was worried I would have damage due to having wine daily for so many years but my doc said it takes alot of alcohol to cause damage. I refrained from drinking 6 months pre tx and on tx.  I did 71 weeks of tx and now I don't worry about it. Either I am SVR or not. I personally don't believe it's going to make a differnece now and if I am not SVR I won't believe haing a glass of wine was the cause. Whatever you choose you have to be comfortable wth it or you will constantly worry. I think if you are not you simply shouldn't drink. LL
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I agree with you.  I think once you are one year post tx, and remain SVR, that's it.  You are cured.  There are no little baby dragons just laying in wait to hatch.  It's done.  It's over.  No more virus!  I also agree that if there is moderate to severe liver damage, the idea of drinking should be carefully considered.  But that is due to the liver damage it may cause, not due to the fact that drinking alcohol is going to "hatch baby dragons".  

This may be sad to say, but one of the first things I'm looking forward to once I stop treatment (in 11 weeks - YEE HAW!!) is an occasional glass of wine!  My liver damage is not severe and I don't think an occasional glass of wine will kill me.  

It was my understanding that the liver is the only organ in the body that will regenerate itself.  So, if that is the case, if a Hepper clears the virus, how come the liver won't regenerate and "fix" itself if there are no other reasons for it to be damaged, i.e., excessive alcohol or other toxic abuse?
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So glad you asked this question.  It's been on my mind also.
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