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Drug Assistance for Hep C

Support Path questioner.

What type of questions about your financial status do they need? In order to get co-pays for Harvoni?

I have some insurance,  small SS and a little savings to live on. So I don't know if I would qualify for assistance.

Please let me know if you have some answers or experience with this.

                                     Thanks, Ride the Wave

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My Dr furnished the medical info, so I am not sure what they wanted there.  ALL that they needed from me, that the Dr's office did not have, was:

1.  How many in our household?
2.  My SSNumber.
3.  Annual imcome for household?  

Someone said that she thought the annual income limit was about $100,000 permyear, but if that is absolute per household, or per person, or for 3 people, I don't know.

We are two in the household and are under that, so I got the help.  

They did not ask about house value, or savings.

There is a form on the Mysupportpath.com, where you can see the questions for yourself.

Hope this helps.
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What if I'm on my own insurance but staying with my parents it doesn't include there income does it?
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I meant their
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Since you are on your own Ins and hve your own income, I wouldn't think so, but I am not sure.  

I expect we have someone on the Forum who will have so input about that.  In the meantime, you could always call the Gilead My Path people and ask.

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Hi when I got help for Incivek I just called the company and gave them my info over the phone. All they asked for was my income and insurance info.  Any savings or retirement I had never came up.  The then contacted my doctor to get my medical information.  I was assigned a case worker, she was very helpful through out my tx.
Good luck,
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Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
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Pay no more than $5 per co-pay for HARVONI

We believe that cost should not be a barrier to receiving treatment. That’s why the makers of HARVONI offer a co-pay coupon. If you are eligible, you may pay no more than $5 per co-pay. Some restrictions may apply. See Terms and Conditions below.

Co-pay Coupon Terms and Conditions

    The HARVONI co-pay coupon program will cover the out-of-pocket costs of your HARVONI prescriptions after you pay the first $5 per prescription fill, up to a maximum of 25% of the catalog price of a 12-week regimen of HARVONI. The offer is valid for 6 months from the time of first redemption
    For residents of the 50 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands. Prescriptions must be filled by a pharmacy in these locations
    The coupon is limited to one per person and is not transferable
    Coupon is not valid for prescriptions eligible to be reimbursed:
        in whole or part by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal or state-funded healthcare benefit program
        by private plans or other health or pharmacy benefit programs that reimburse you for the entire cost of your prescription drugs
    The HARVONI co-pay coupon is not prescription drug coverage or insurance and is not intended to substitute for such coverage
    Gilead Sciences, Inc. reserves the right to terminate or modify this coupon at any time without notice

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Connect with HARVONI Support Path today.

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I didn't have to provide any information to get the copay coupon
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You can try the Patient Advocacy Foundation and see what they offer.

(800) 532-5274
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