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Dry Skin/Sores in the corners of mouth


I am on Pegetron  and Rib 1000 daily and am on week 16.

I have noticed that I am getting sores in the corners of my mouth. The skin breaks very easily and has been, for me, impossible to heal.

Is this a side effect and if it is how can I treat it ? I have tried chapstick so it doesn't get irritated but it doesn't stop the sores from hurting.

Any ideas ?
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Unfortunately, what you describe was a very irritating side for me and I was never able to find anything that would help.  When I had to stop tx, it all went away.  

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i have the same thing - i'm in week 10 same dose as you.  i remember my nurses saying dry skin was a sx of tx, so i have been very dilagent about moisturizing my face and body with a "heavier" lotion then i normally would use - but found i still had dry cracked skin in corners of my mouth.  then i remembered somthing i used to use for my kids (recommended by our beach lifeguards) when they got really dry, crakced lips from the ocean.  it's called "aquaphor", and you can get it at any drug store, supermarket. it kinda feels like vaseline, but it works much better, and really fast.  i just put it on my lips when i go to bed, and i'm usually fine the next day.  hope it works for you!
w.c. missy  
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hope you get some good suggestions, I'm going to try that aquaphor product cause I kinda get that in the summer, thanks! Here's some summer info...

SATURDAY, July 7 -- As summer heats up, a health expert warns of the rising risk for serious heat-related illnesses.

When temperatures rise, emergency rooms see an inevitable surge of heat-related illnesses, which can be serious and even life-threatening. Fortunately, most heat-related illnesses can be prevented, according to Dr. Richard Zane, vice chairman of the department of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, in Boston.

In a prepared statement, Zane offered the following tips for staying safe in scorching temperatures:

    * Drink plenty of water in frequent, small amounts (8-ounce glasses). Remember that you will not feel thirsty until your body is already low on fluids.
    * Avoid beverages that contain alcohol, caffeine or large amounts of sugar, since they can dehydrate you.
    * Wear clothing that is loose, lightweight and light-colored; put on sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher and wear a hat or shade yourself with an umbrella when possible.
    * Do not take salt tablets, since they do not replace water loss and can adversely affect your health.
    * Stay indoors between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., and try to limit strenuous activities and exercise to morning and evening hours.
    * Check on people who are at greater risk of heat-related illnesses, including children, senior citizens and people who are mentally or physically ill (especially those who are obese, or have heart disease or high blood pressure).

Know the warning signs of heat-related illness and quickly seek medical care for any significant illness, Zane said. Some heat-related illnesses include:

    * Heat rash (prickly heat): an uncomfortable, itchy red or pink rash that results from blocked or swollen sweat ducts.
    * Heat edema: swelling of hands and feet caused by dilated blood vessels.
    * Heat cramps: Symptoms of heat cramps may include muscle spasms; tender, hard or lumpy muscles; nausea and vomiting and/or weakness and fatigue.
    * Heat syncope (fainting): Fainting can occur from exertion in a hot environment; pale, cool and moist skin and a feeling of lightheadedness can be a sign of impending heat syncope.
    * Heat exhaustion: This illness may lead to heat stroke, so if you or someone else is experiencing heavy sweating; cool, moist, pale or flushed skin; headache; dizziness or weakness and nausea, seek medical attention and monitor the condition closely.
    * Heat stroke: Heat stroke can be life-threatening and requires emergency medical care, so seek help immediately for a high body temperature; flushed hot, dry skin with no sweating; vomiting; a weak, rapid pulse; decreased alertness; changes in consciousness; disorientation; confusion; impaired thinking and shallow, rapid breathing.
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try campho- phenique, its for cold sores, mine are always at the corners of the mouth.
I have had them most of TX, Campho clears them up in a few days....they come back,unfortunately, but you get relief, and I use chap stick continually for the front part of the lips.
good luck
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Eucerin Aquaphor works for me.  I started with the cracked mouth corners, then my cuticles and fingers, then my earlobes.  It was Ladybug who recommend the Aquaphor to me and it works.  I apply at least twice and when it was bad three times a day.  Keeps it under control.
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i had and have a sore mouth all the time.

it looks like hamburger in there but there are prescription things for it ...

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I used Blistex for the corners of my mouth and for the ones inside the mouth I found  KANKA softbrush gel  it is a brush that you twist the bottom and the numbing stuff goes in to the brush and then you can use it easily on the inside of your mouth.  It works great (with that I could finally eat a meal without being in pain)  and it doesn't have the horrible taste that so many oral pain relievers do.
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Blistex, Carmex, all the same to sooth skin.  My rash spread on both corners so I was a real "Bozo" for months.  Yeast/fungus creams don't do much and can be bad during tx.  Sorry, but another form of 'riba rash" many get.  Imune system is taxed and these conditions are not unusual.  After I stopped tx it cleared up within days.  Hang in there.  Regards,  G
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the inside of my lips feel like they have been burnt.  They are sore and keep drying out.  I have been using a mouthwash, recommended by the Hep Service nurse, called Biotene that replaces bad germs with good ones.  It is soothing and I can swish about a tablespoon as many times a day as needed.
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Hi, I to am taking Peg-Intron and Rebetol.  Sometime after week 12, I was at the dentist and he noticed the cracked corners of my lips.  That caused him to look inside my mouth where there were white patches of fungus.  He called it Angular Cheilitis.  He then spoke with my Hepatologist who approved an oral fungacide named Fluconsole.  I took it for 30 days then stopped and it came right back, so I quess I will have to take it until EOT.  See this link to see if it resembles your problem.  Topical fungacides might work in your case.  If your doctors are not familiar with this, see your dentist and be sure if he prescribes for you that he checks with your hcv doctors.

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This is a form of Herpes. Don't freak out! There are over the counter meds. Try ABREVA. It's expensive but doesn't take much. Look in the drug store by cold sores stuff. It should clear it right up. About $15

If you have worse SX, a doc can prescribe Aclover. These pills will also knock it out.
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Not sure what sx or tx is. Could someone educate me please? I had some dry skin near the right corner of my mouth which went red and cracked and is a bit sore and then got the same on the other corner of my mouth a couple of days later. I don't think it is a cold sore -  it looks like i've been eating an ice pop and cut the corners of my mouth on the plastic wrapper!! Moisturiser and lip balm doesn't really do that much!! Any ideas??
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