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Dry skin

Hi, I'm Chris this is my first post here.
From a little more than a month and a half my skin turned more dry than usual (never had it this way) and i feel it hotter too, but not fever ( started on my forearms, then lower legs and now upper torso-neck area). There is some tingling especially on my forearms along with some slight redness on them. This is giving me a lot of anxiety which has an impact on my sleep. I'm really worried about it 24/7
Also i noticed at the gym that i sweat like never before particularly on the back of my head, forearms and shoulders. I'm 42 and been at the gym since i was a teen, so i notice with some condition change on my workout,

Could be the skin condition alone be symptom of Hep C? I have no Fatigue, no nausea, no pain in my muscles or joints, no jaundice or dark urine, no fever.
Regarding pruritus, sometimes my forearms itches, but is mild, very short and in little areas, Maybe this is happening because i think my skin should itch ( sounds silly, but is worrisome) or because those areas are dry.

Thanks for your time.
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from National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse (NDDIC)What I need to know about Hepatitis C

What are the symptoms of hepatitis C?
Most people do not have any symptoms until the hepatitis C virus causes liver damage, which can take 10 or more years to happen. Others may have one or more of the following symptoms:

•feeling tired
•muscle soreness
•upset stomach
•stomach pain
•loss of appetite
•dark-yellow urine
•light-colored stools
•yellowish eyes and skin, called jaundice
When symptoms of hepatitis C occur, they can begin 1 to 3 months after coming into contact with the virus. See a doctor right away if you or a child in your care has symptoms of hepatitis C.

None of what you describe sound like symptome of hepatitis c.

Do you have a reason to suspect you have been exposed to the virus?

Have you had blood to blood contact with an infected individual?

Maybe try an oatmeal based lotion like for example Aveeno.

This is just my personal non medical opinion.

Good luck
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Anxiety sometimes can wreak havoc with our body's.   The more you think about an itch, the more you scratch.  Sweating is also common when your uptight or fearful.   There's an old saying but true "You become what you think about".  The Mind is an amazing powerhouse.
As Lynn stated it does not sound like Hep C.
Have you changed laundry detergent, hand soap, new cologne?  It's sounds more dermatology related.  Try going into the Forum option above and look for skin conditions, or dermatology.  They might have some answers for you there.
If your still worried get a blood test.   A CBC is a broad blood test which covers most conditions.  Should you feel the Hep test is also needed request that at the same time.
Good luck

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