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ELISA/CMIA: Which is more accurate?

I was tested for Anti-HCV, results:low reactive (ELISA). I was again tested for Anti-HCV 2 months after the first, the results: negative (CMIA).No risks for hepatitis C.Which method is more accurate?
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To confirm whether or not you are infected your next test should be the test for the hep c virus itself called the HCV RNA by PCR. That test will confirm conclusively if you are currently infected. The antibody tests only screen for a possible prior exposure.
I just got a non-reactive result(with reference interval non-reactive) from LAB CORP Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Antibody Verification test. Does anyone know whether above Hepatitis C test is equivalent or substitute of former RIBA test which is not used anymore?
You do not need any additional antibody testing.

If you are positive for hep c antibodies on any hep c antibody test the next test you need is the HCV RNA by PCR test to find out if you are infected with hep c and need treatment. If you test positive for the virus on the HCV RNA test that says you are infected. If your result is "not detected" you do not have hep c.

End of story.
After non-reactive result from (LAB CORP) Hepatitis C Virus Antibody Verification test, just got following result from ARUP LAB  "HCV Qnt by PCR Interp....not detected....(Ref Interval: not detected)."  I have to assume that above result means that I don't have hepatitis C virus now, but do above results tell that I was never exposed to hepatitis C virus and that elisa/eia test was probably false positive.Now I come back to my original question: which hepatitis C antibody  method is more accurate elisa/eia or cmia? I need to know, because I heard that blood donation centers do not accept blood from hepatitis C antibody positive persons.
That is correct if you test positive for hep c antibodies you cannot donate blood even if you test negative for the hep c virus itself on the HCV RNA by PCR test.

From my understanding there is no way to determine if you had a false positive or a previous self cured exposure.

Anyway you cannot donate blood it will be rejected and disposed of if you do.
No one here is a bio chemist knowlegable in the ins and outs of all the various methods of antibody testing. We here are a community of lay persons who have or had hep c. This is an online support group for those living with or treating hep c or livinh with the aftermath or decades of infection.  

I suggest you could inquire with your local blood bank or speak with your doctor.
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I am not doctor but I think chemiluminescent immunoessey is most accurate/sensitive, since red cross uses it for detection of antibodies to hcv in serum or plasma samples on  donated blood.
As he has had a positive antibody test in order to either prove or disprove infection he needs to have the HCV RNA test.

This is the next step once a patient tests positive for hep c antibodies to determine if the patient is currently infected with hep c not repeated antibody tests.
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Do not know whether hepatitis c virus antibody test is equivalent or substitute for riba test. Could be just another hepatitis c virus antibody test, but done with different method(eclia instead of eia). What I found interesting written on labcorp test menu website, under hepatitis c (hcv) antibody verification is the following: " Use.Since 90% of commercial intraveneous immunoglobulins test positive for hepatitis C antibody, an artifactual positive can result briefly after transfusion.Folowing the development of sensitive and specific testing for hepatitis B, 90% of post-transfusion hepatitis is now hepatitis C." Can anybody comment on above whether people frequently test false positeve or true positive on eia/elisa antibody hepatitic c blood tests after blood transfusion?
No idea from me as I am not a biological research scientist but if you want to know if you currently infected with hep c after receiving a positive antibody test have a HCV RNA by PCR test. That will conclusively answer the question do you have hep c.

What difference does it matter whether an antibody test was a false positive or not? The important issue is whether or not you have hep c and need treatment.

Unless of course you are purely interested in an academic discussion about various methodologies for hep c antibody testing I personally can't help you with that. Perhaps you should continue to research acedemic literature on the subject if that is your area of interest.

We really don't have experts in  medical testing here. This is primarily a support forum for people with hep c to come together to share their experiences in living with hep c, treating hep c and living with the aftermath of long term infection. We are a community of patients who come from all walks of life. We are not medical professionals of any type.

Best of luck to you
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Hi jon58. My situation is same as you Elisa weekly positive and Cmia negative and pcr rna negative after 2months of false positive. Did you consider retesting ?
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