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Eating Habits and Supplements

It looks slow, so I am going to post this. Forgive me I am being a thread hog. I work out pretty hard and want to continue until I cannot. Maybe I will get lucky and sx will spare me, maybe not. Tx is 30 to 60 days away. My doctor told me it was ok to take supplement proteins in moderation, also vitamins without Iron. However I have been checking all the stuff I used to take and eat. All the protein bars, powders and products seem to have lots of iron in them. Also a whole lot of other stuff I am a little skeptical of now. I have made the vitamin adjustment but the protein is proving elusive. I like to intake 200 to 300 grams of protein on heavy lifting days. But I am reluctant to put my liver though the chore of having to process it through meats. It takes a lot of chicken and tuna to reach that many grams. I am trying to gain some balance here with my exercise lifestyle and HEPC. I have been to few web sites but they seem to be
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hey!  maybe I am having a brain fog moment.. but...200-300g??? isn't that a hell of a lotta protein? the liver still has to process it.. and protein digestion is hard on the liver... I don't have time right now to go back and check ALL my info .. so, as I said, maybe I am wrong???
I am on the other extreme.. some days I get almost no protein.(which is also bad..). and my usual source is rice, cereal, and yogurt.. once in awhile , pasta..  Have really gotten into black sticky rice lately.. love it..great nutty flavor, and higher in protein than others..
<<BTW  have ya'll really looked at the yogurt labels? some brands have 5-8 gms protein, but some have 11-14..  my fave is Publix store brand,, they make their own, and it is so good and creamy..  , also have to watch out for fake sweeteners like aspertame, which is BAD for ya...>>
If I eat 2 8oz containers in a day, along with something else, I MAY get 30gms protein in a day.. but that is rare..  and I do weight training..to try to keep muscle tone.. ( OK LOU.. not the kind of weights you're talking.. I'm doing 10 lbs  to strengthen arm muscles..female arms.. don't want to look like a muscle woman..LOL   I also do some yoga and am  learning TaiChi.. talk about a workout!!! ALSO under consideration for me is that I already have moderate to severe liver damage.. so watching protein is more of an issue in my case..
...maybe it would be a good idea to talk with your liver doc about this??   Also, there is a grain called 'quinoa'  (keenwaa_, which is very high in protein,. it is a very tiny grain and can be made into salads, put in other stuff..
  I'd be cautious about most of the supplemental proteins out there, as they seem to have other additives..??
  I'd be glad to receive any info you might have to enlighten me on the nutrition thing.. can never learn TOO much!!!
have a Fab day !
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Hello pSilvermoon,

Yes I said 200-300grams. I know that is a lot, and a lot of people will disagree. However if you are trying to build serious muscle mass you do need that much. Now before it was no big deal because the body just discards it. But now, well you know what I am saying. Hey listen, it doesn
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Yep, that's a lot of protein.  A typical person should have (and has trouble doing it) about 50g per day.  I think you will just have to see how you are doing with the activity level and adjust your intake accordingly.

I am now wek 44/48 and my Heme dropped from 14.3 pre-tx down to 9.9 at last check.  It really makes a difference for me in my activity.  I use to ride my bike near 200 miles/wk and average about 17-18mph.  I started riding more a few wks ago and now are making about 60 miles/wk but can only average 12.4 mph (if I'm lucky).

Good luck to you.
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I'm starting to type this while eyeing uneasily my 10 lb weights lying there in the corner collecting dust.   A sad sight, a tragic sight.  What's worse, I seem to have misplaced the remote and the Olympics are on....

Excuse me, I digress.  Whey protein, that's what I wanted to introduce here.  Whey, weights, you see the drift.  A few years ago I went to see Jon Kaiser, M.D.,  a local HIV / CFIDS specialist, to talk about nutrition for immune impairment.  He recommended that people w/ chronic viral infections should be eating huge amounts of protein--unless they were cirrhotic, of course.  For me at 5'6 and 125-130 lbs that meant  89 to 90 gms a day.   Gulp.   You just can't achieve this without protein powders, so I started using Whey.  Even the flavor's whey good.  (Jarrow's an especially trusworthy brand.)   I mix a scoop or two (2-040 gms protein)  into kefir or fruit juice, throw in a tbl. ground flax seed and voila!

Padre Luis, you're a research hound, so you're going to have fun heavy lifting the reams of material out there in AIDS  research land on whey protein and  immune enhancement.   (or not.)
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Exercise isn't the only thing that's going out the window.  In paragraph 2 that should be 80-90 gms protein (line 6), and then 20-40 gms protein (line 9).
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Geography's a real curse.   The perfect personal trainer lives an inter-continental flight away from me?   Further proof there's no justice...!
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