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Elevated ANA

We are seeing this DR. for autoimmune hepat. Taking blood work every 4 months. Has been in remission for 3 years now. Lastest lab test was: CBC-NORMAL, Complete liver panel-(ALT 14,AST 14)NORMAL, PT-12.2 NORMAL, ANA- measures 1-320 which is more elevated than test before, SMA- 1-20 which is borderline or negative and less than last blood test. Is on imuran 50mg only. The DR. Has asked to increase Imuran to 75mg based on the elevated ANA test. He asked to increase the Imuran 4 months ago, but decided not to and wanted to only remain on the 50mg since all tests, except the ANA came back normal. The DR. Has also asked to do another liver Biopsy which already had done about 3 or 4 years ago. Which has absolutely refused to do again. The Dr. then suggested that an Ultrasound be done on liver, which once again refuses to do. The Dr. Has suggested on his next blood work to take this new blood test called Fibrospect,WHich will take (which will be able to measure how much inflammation, fibrosis, and damage is done to the liver. And I think some part still believes this may have just been an acute hepatitis because of where we used to live (We owned a well, which we found out was contaminated water with cholifer (Feces) in the water). Has been in remission with normal liver labs for 3 years now and only on 50mg imuran. Taking blood labs every 4 to 6 mths. Can the fibrosis have reversed itself from original biopsy and improved? What causes ANA to elevate? Could I have given him anything to cause this to elevate (germs,cold,etc)? Or does the ANA flunctuate on own for no reason.

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I know you are not doctors and can't give advice but has anyone experienced this?

I am a 1A Diagnosed just over a year ago must have got it 20 to 25 years ago. tried Pegasys for just over 3 months viral load climbed from about 9 million to 11 million and had really bad sides. I would have quit even if I was allowed to continue. My Biopsy had me at a 3/4. My labs were always in the high or low range whatever was the wrong direction to go but within limits. the only things out of limits is my ALT which was only slightly up between 71 and 90 AST was 41 to 45 and my Ammonia level is 38. I have an enlarged spleen and am a type 2 diabetic which I now can't seem to get under control. My stool is  a light colored yellow and sometime bright red blood is on the tissue when I clean up. I have no money or insurance and Medicaid turned me down. I have been having severe abdominal pain, Severe Upper Right & Left Quad pains, Upper Right & Left Chest pains and a constant light headache for over a week. I gained an unneeded 20lbs in the past month and not from over eating. I lost 30 lbs from being unable to eat from Dec to late Feb very affordable weight to lose. Then maintained that weight. I went to the emergency room Tuesday because since last August the pains weren
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Did they do any tests in the ER ? Lab work, xrays, sonogram?

What area do you live in? You may have a university medical center in your area that you can go to.
I hope that these symptoms that you have will ease up and go away.
I wish you many blessings
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Thanks man! I think your right about the housing bubble. I do all commercial which is a whole different ballgame. I really don't know if I want to do this business anymore but after 30 years don't know what else to do.

Hey! I did kinda spring out of bed this morning at least it wasn't the crawl and shuffle. I feel better overall just in 8 days. The joint pains are the worst I just ache a lot but not as bad. My mind is a lot clearer already, less fatigue but it will take some time for the body to catch up. Main thing is I'm so happy!!!!!!!!!

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Funny thr thread did not change really did it . It shoewed the possible decline in treatmeant as your ability to make an income falls away.BS1961 your situation could almost be as you said bs ,but the ring of truth is just to clear you sound in real trouble to me and i hope Medicaid agree to support you.
dh bill that's lots of money and abig change in career when you feel like *hite hope things work out. Sorry and no offence meant but as a UK citizen the garuantee of no charge at the point of treatmeant seems so resonable and fair.
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Your post was heartbreaking to read.  I am so sorry for pain and anquish you are clearly suffering right now the only constructive thing I can think of to say is have you tried SSI?
Sincerest best wishes to you.
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At what point does one begin w/ neupogen?  My WBC is critically low at 2.  Dr. says wait for lab test in 4 weeks, but I am not sure about that.  I have 3 germy little kids under age 5... always sick.  i've been an procrit from week 7... feel crappy and always run down.  Am I being paranoid?  or proactive.  I just can't afford to get sicker.    katch
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