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Empty Stomach Water.

     Iam 33 Year male,i have noticed that if early in the morning empty stomach i drink water then i feel that after 30-40 minutes my mood suddenly swings,feel very irritated,feel very angry and whole day become very confused.i have observed so many time,so empty stomach i don not drink water and always take my break fast first..sometime may be till 11am breakfast not available so i don not drink water although i feel thirsty..according to your practice and knowledge what is the reason?
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This is a hepatitis C forum. Unfortunately we cannot help you with this question. I think you should go and speak to your doctor about your issues, as you just got off Antidepressants.
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Maybe you are drinking polluted tap water....that stuff will kill a skunk
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Marcia makes a good point, Rocker funny but all too true..

you said angry, irritated and confused.

Unless you are drinking highy polluted water it's not likely water alone would cause any of those symptoms.

It is possibly withdrawal for AD's could, and also that low blood sugar could, and also that high ammonia levels could.

The only way to ascertain which issue it is is to first, make sure you wean slowly over several months off the AD's, you do not want to suddenly reduce dosage but very gradually.
Ask to have a fasting blood sugar drawn one morning, to see if you have developed and blood sugar or insulin issues you must have this test.
Also if your liver enyzmes are not normal, or even if they are and you are stage 3 or 4, you should ask to have your ammonia levels checked as this is a common factor in those complaining of confusion.

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check out his earlier posts....
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i have hep c and gastritus.  i have never been a water drinker.  

three days ago my husband told me i really should be drinking atleast half a gallon of water a day to be healthy and whatnot... so i drank about 8 bottles of water and i felt so nautious and my stomach was hurting badlly.  then the next day i drank 2 bottles of water in a row and the same thing happened.  it let up after a few hours, i was feeling a little better and started drinking more water... same thing happened again but worse...  then went though the same thing the next day but it was worse, and i wasnt connecting it was the water...

by chance my husband found this sight and was reading about water being an irritant.  so i went back to drinking my grape drinks and i take very small sips of water though out the day... my stomach still gets a little irritated, but im not rolling around on the bed any more. thank you :)
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Your body will tell you what you need.  If you're thirsty, drink.  If you're hungry, eat. Water on an empty stomach will not cause irritablity.
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