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Enlarged Lymph Nodes

Has anyone that posts on this forum had enlarged lymph nodes caused
by the Hep C virus? They are checking me for Lymphoma. I'm going to have
a mediastinectomy next Friday. ( lymph biopsy). I have bloodwork that suggests
Lymphoma and the PET scan I had recently shows several enlarged nodes in my chest
area. I was just wondering if the Hep C could cause this because it is a virus. I feel
like the doctors are chasing everything because I have had heart,kidney problems as
well as weight loss, loss of appetite,etc. I am positive for HepC - last VL load was
like 670,000 geno 1a. I feel like I may be going through another procedure I don't need.
I feel all of my problems are linked by the fact that I have Hep C.
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Why would you think all those conditions are related to hepc?  Lots of people without hepc have the same problems.  You have a very low viral load.

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yes, HCV can cause many medical issues including swollen lymph nodes. i think your doctor is concerned because there have been recent indications that HCV can cause lymphoma and the abnormal pet scan can raise suspicion. how did your bloodwork suggest lymphoma? better to be tested as we tend to blame everything on the HCV and sometimes it is not the HCV. best of luck
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I think it is absolutely necessary to have a lymph biopsy.  I say this because a friend of mine had a swollen lymph node in is groin, weight loss, appetite loss, and his doc managed to neglect all this.  He had a condition which was curable if caught in time, but it was not caught in time.  I don't want to scare you but - just get the biopsy.

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I agree with the above comments from Copy and dointime as it can cause enlarged lymph nodes. My lymph nodes in my neck were swollen and sore a few times. Get it checked.
BTW, I love your Buckwheat photo! It gave me a good laugh.
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Thanks for the opinions. I'll have my biopsy on the 11th and go from
there. It's one step at a time right now.
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let us know how you make out after biopsy. best of luck
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I'll add you to my prayers.  I had a PET scan either while I was treating or right after and I was fine.  I did get an infection when I had my port out that kept a couple of my lymph nodes involved for two months because I was immunosuppressed at the time (this was later though).  CMV while immunosuppressed can cause lymph inolvement also.

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I have had HepC for 15 years... I'm 33 yrs old now and have swollen right side of my neck, neck and joint pain, headaches, and I sleep all the time, along with many other problems... The swollen neck which I assume are glands just started being noticed... I go to the doctor Friday but I'm nervous BC all I have heard is it could be Lupus or Lymphoma...
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