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Ever start wondering where to inject next?

As I sit here popping injection after injection of Procrit, following a 5 days of nightly injections, I sit and ponder my third and final for the evening and wonder where should I jab this one in that might be a fresher site one used a night or two ago.  Then I begin to realize as the fog clears a bit, that I do not even clearly recall which site I used a couple of nights ago.

I usually use those little square patch band-aid's over an injection site to cover the slight bleeding after I remove the needle, but often remove them the next day as they are uncomfortable on the surrounding body hair when I move around alot.

So I was wonder whether what others do to avoid injection in one spot to often in a short time period?
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I here ya brother.  I did yhe procrit always in my arm and the tx in the stomach, upper leg and thights.  Between the procrit, tx and transfusion I was a pin cushion.

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What I do--

Initially I took a piece of paper amd drew a body map, which consisted of an hourglass (as if)which represents the abdominal area, Then I drew a bunch of little lines of circles of intended injection sites and as I used them I colored them in solid. In retrospect I would've made it larger and also put the dates.  I also didn't make enough circles for my entire tx but now am going in between. At least I have a reference.
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I use the stomach because the one time I tried the thigh I had a heck of a time going SQ.  I only tried the one time because the needle seemd a bit duller than usual and I still think that one went IM because of the burn I got when injection.

Originally it was no problem, but now that I seem to be dropping weight, or at least slimming down, it's getting hard to pinch the inch to get a proper SQ injection.
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For me the stomach shots resulted in bruising and lots more pain ad healing time than the thigh shots. I just do one thigh one week and the other the next. I just don't shot it in the exat same spot I an tell where tht is because its sore and red still. Takes about two wekes to resolve.

Eyedeas.. you are so creative! First those funny songs and ow your shot body roadmap, you are so clever!
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Honestly I just pretty much aim close my eyes and then hit the plunger where it lands.  I don't like to look or inspect too much and now that the summer is over...I wont care about the bruises anymore LOL~
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I kept a notebook along with my injection supplies.

I noted the date and time of every shot and the location, using initials such as (LU) for left-upper abdomen. I rotated between left upper abdomen, right upper abdomen, left lower abdomen, right lower abdomen, right thigh and left thigh. Later in treatment I stopped using the thighs altogether as my thighs started disappearing altogether :)  I also used the "love" handle area as a sub-rotation for the abdomen.

According to my doctors and my experience, rotation is more important with the Peg and less important with the helper drug Procrit. Still, Procrit had its own rotation (and notation) that stayed away from the Peg injection sites.

Since there was too much going on for my brain-fogged mind on injection night, I fouund it useful to set up my rotation a month or so in advance. So when it came time to inject, the site was already noted in the notebook.

Other things I noted were the dose of each shot, as I double-dosed Peg in the beginning and my Procrit dose changed from time to time.

A notebook is not only a good idea for rotating sites, but as a double-check to make sure you actually did your shot. I can't remember how many times during tx, I went over to the notebook a day or two after the shot just to make sure I actually took it :)

-- Jim
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