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Exercise and Being Cold

Just wanted to hear how much exercise and the intensity level everyone is getting.  I usually walk 3X wk and now am starting to ride my bike some, but seem to only be able to ride very short distances and very slowly as compared to pre-tx.  But it's great to be able to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.

Also, this Texas girl is tired of being cold.  Is anyone else cold all the time?  We can be among a group of friends and everyone else can be warm or hot and I'll be cold. Of course, my drinking ice water as opposed to their wine contributes a little to this.

I just did 22/48 last Friday and my Heme at wk 18 was 10.4.

Let me hear from you.  And good luck to everyone on tx or contemplating tx and congrats to all of you who have finished tx.
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If you have not had your thyroid checked, you might suggest to your doctor that he so.

Fatigue, cold, and even depression can result from an underactive thryroid.

It is a simple test.

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My blood work is now within normal or close to it and I too noticed chills after excercise..It is an odd feeling, after a workout or a run I would have to get under the blanket with chills.  It does not happen as much now, perhaps  due to the Procrit for anemia, but it sometimes happens on a milder level.  Your RBC is a possible reason, it was in my case.  tell your dr, if it is bothersome, don't let them wait until you get chest pain to prescribe something for anemia.  Stay on top of things.

be well
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I have been cold most of the time on tx.  I stopped putting ice in my water (carbonated) and drink it at room temperature, luckily for me I like it better like that. That helped a lot for me. I tried to take hot baths but it didn't really warm me up. I turn the heat up and sweat out everyone else! I checked my temprature at these time and for some reason it's normally between 96 and 97 when I am this cold. I have no idea if this means anything. I ran from 45min to an hour before tx and now I run maybe 1/2 mile at a time then have to rest. I also do a floor tape exercise that is simple a couple times a week. I used to do everything at much higher levels. It's good that your exercising. I believe this has helped me the most (and of coarse the water.) Hope you warm up. Be careful in the summer, the sun really bothered me on tx last summer. LL
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I was ALWAYS cold even before going on treatment, so I don't notice any difference now.  I just wanted to say I admire anyone on these meds that can exercise.  I used to go to the YMCA and do 3 miles on the treadmill before treatment.  Since being on the meds, everytime I would do the treadmill, I would get incredibily fatigued (even more so than usual with the meds).  Also, I was only able to get in about one mile before I felt like I was going to die.  It has gotten to the point now where I don't even do the treadmill anymore because I am afraid of how I am going to feel for two days afterward.  So, if you are exercising at all, I say more power to you!  I wish I could do it, but it just makes me feel like s**t for two days afterward.
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I have chills alot at night but as far as just downright cold...no I haven't had that.  Mine is pretty much like when you are sick and evening you run a low grade fevor and then get chills.  I congratulate all of you for being able to keep up the exercising.  I'm kinda like Fubar right now and haven't done much.  I started out really good in beginning walking etc but lately I have not felt great so hoping a few good days will crop up here and I'm going to get back out!
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Thanks for your responses.  It's 81 degrees today in Ft Worth, sunshine, and wind (of course).  But beautiful.  Sun therapy in the backyard is almost as good as Salt Water therapy on the beach.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Happy St. Patty's Day.
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Careful with the sun exposure.  I made that mistake this past weekend (in Florida, no less).  I'm still paying for it with the sun burn.  I was stupid and forgot to put on sun screen, so it's my own fault, but I never used to sun burn before treatment and I have olive toned skin so usually don't burn.  These meds changed that for me, that's for sure!
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I just did #12/48........I have been cold throughout tx.  I use to walk a couple of miles several times a week when time permitted. But, now, im not walking at all.  Just a short walk is very tiring.  I save all my energy now for work and keeping up this apt.  I have thyroid problems before tx, and im on meds for that (synthroid) My back has been hurting this week due to the night time cough i have been having this past week...When i started tx i thought the fatigue everyone was talking about was LIKE being tired alot(sleepy).....Im not tied at all, i have physical fatigue, I feel i have aged 20 yrs........Deb
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The physical fatigue!  After 22 wks I still haven't figured out how to explain it.  My friends think I just need to get MORE exercise and work myself back up to where I was before.  Had the dr explain to my husband on the last visit so he now understands which helps.  But......

If you find a good way to explain the fatigue where others not on tx will understand, please let me know.
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Thanks for asking.  No, I'm not anemic.  In fact, my bloodwork has held up pretty doggone good for being on meds (I'm only #11/48, so of course, anything could happen).  Of course my RBC/WBC is a little lower than the normal range, but not too bad.  My doc is not concerned at all and in fact has commented on how well I'm doing with my RBC and platelets.
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Yes, my hands are always cold.  I've been sitting out by the pool alot today and the sun provides so much healing power for me.  I feel good most days anyway but feel really good today.

I may extend to 60 wks (an additional 12 wks) if I'm clear at wk 24.

Good to hear from you. Hope you are enjoying this weather as much as I am.
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Thats a perfect description of the fatigue! And yes...the weather is pretty here and SUN feels soooo good! I want to do so many things this week and april is going to be busy month for us so I pray I can get going here!
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