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Exercise and Walking

Interested in finding out if you guys have the energy to even try exercise or walking - I find I get winded very easily and it's only been 3 weeks but is there anything during this beginning time of tx that's feasible and that others have found that works to help with the energy levels?  I've lost 6 lbs so far - only 94 more to go but really not trying to lose, just not eating hardly at all. Since my lifestyle has slowed considerably due to treatment - maybe it's not a bad time to focus on me and getting a healthier outlook and lifestyle. Before I had symptoms of HepC, I walked every day 3 miles a day then the fatigue killed that idea and I went from work to bed.  Was hoping to not get in that same rut.  I also had so many sore bones and muscles, my hips used to ache when I tried to sleep at night - now since Tx, no more bone pain.  Let me know what everyone's doing.  Thanks Kyle
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You're right - it feels like we're on hold.  I guess I just want to see what I can do to change that a little, keeping life moving on but everything seems most days too overwhelming for that but I'll keep trying.
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life as we know it has been put on hold. Boy that is so true. I am one that before tx enjoyed exercising it was important to help me maintain my life (bad back). I just don't have the stamina right now for the program I had prior to tx. so I try to work exercise into my day, what I can handle a little at a time.
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exercising is something you should force yourself to do even if it just a little bit at a time.if you just lay around doing nothing your muscles and joints will lock up and make you feel worse.slow
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I have found that I cannot tolerate the sun and as silly as it sounds at 2oclock each week day our PBS station has a very mild 30 minute exercise program.  It is for the home and wheel chair bound but it involves exercise for the joints and musles.  I don't know about anyone else but I have heart pounding, cannot catch my breath and chest pain if I over exert. My life is certianly on hold.Van
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At first I tried not to change my life style so it was yoga or gym or basketball about 3 times a week but over time that changed to fridge couch tv but then spring, my savior came around and i started working on my gardens. had to take it very slow but I was motivated and as we all know gardens are very judgementale so I couldn't slack if there was to be antything to show for it.
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I remember the first few weeks of tx I was lifting weights and found out immediatly after the first shot that my streght was half of what is was prior to tx. So if I was bench pressing 10 to 12 reps my reps were cut in half to 5 to 6. The next day I would be wiped out. I began to see then that I was going to have to pace myself through all my daily physical activties.
Somtimes after a really phsyical day the next day I can't do anything but lay around. I glad that summer is coming to a end The sun intensified my sx.
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I did a brisk walk for 45 min. every other day during months three through six of treatment as an alternative to taking anti-depressants. There's something about doing that amount of exercise that helps maintain your serotonin/endorphin levels without using SSRIs. Not everyone is up to doing this on tx, but if you can, I believe it helps.
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I'm not sure where you live, but during the hot summer in Maine this year, I tried walking, but got so fatigued after about 5-10 minutes that I turned around & came home.  I was afraid I might pass out on the sidewalk. My nurse told me to stay out of the sun between 10-4, and to try walking early mornings or late afternoons when the sun is low. Now that it's fall here, I try to take the dog for at least a 20 min. walk everyday. The nurse tells me to keep moving around, it's the best thing to try to keep your muscles limber and it seems to help. I agree with the phrase "If you don't use it, you'll lose it"  Even a 10 minute walk is better than no walk. I also have some 3 lb. weights that I use to keep my arms working, and I also do alot of lifting in my job. I'm hoping that will help keep mmy muscles toned a little.
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That's what I'm experiencing - get too tired for like over 10 minutes - doing strolls I think rather than walks.
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i tried to walk every chance i got ...unfortunately the fatigue and depression made them few and far between. i really helps if you can drag it off the couch for an hour.

life as we know it is on hold all during tx.
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Well I think I'm going to try a little and keep trying a little more - walking up and down the stairs is a challenge now but I'll keep trying.
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You're right - I can't handle the sun either - and I'm a sunworshiper and crave the summer - but even this weekend in New England as beautiful as it is - can't seem to handle the sun - I will try what I can and pace - seems to be the only way to go and consistent with everyone's experiences.  Thanks
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