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Exercise or wait

Hi everyone. I Have been on the triple tx for 25 weeks now (Incivek for 12 weeks). I have to finish out the rest of my 48 week tx though. I am blessed to be one of the successful ppl and am UND still.  So I'm over half way done. Yay!  But I feel like crap. My hgb is down to 9. I am losing my hair. I can't get to sleep but once I'm there I sleep for up to 12 hrs sometimes and I'm always tired. And I have an itchy rash. Having said all that I still feel like it's worth it if I stay UND. My question is, do you think exercise would be something I should try. The few times I have, my muscles burned after just a minute or so and I got dizzy. Does this have anything to do with the anemia. My Dr won't tx that unless I'm down to 8. I also wonder why my weight hasn't changed at all since I stopped the Incivek because I eat a lot less now. That's why I wanted to exercise. I know vanity but if I have to loose my hair at least I could be thinner :)
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If your doctor has approved some form of exercise, I'd suggest to begin with something very light and easy, not something to make the muscles burn.  Short walks outside or on the treadmill, stretching or yoga, or brief and easy bike rides to start.  Getting up and off the couch should help your circulation and help you feel a little better.  Loosing a little weight may not happen, but you can focus on that later.  If you're asking this question, it sounds like you want to at least try, so do what you feel comfortable with, but be sure not to push it.  Good luck and congrats on being past the half way point.
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I agree with flycy. I always seemed to feel better getting up and getting some blood flowing vs. laying around. Although with hgb in the 9's that is difficult. Others in this forum have expressed the same. Best of luck and keep up the fight.
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I agree.
Often it takes a lot of will power for me to force myself outside. Once I start walking it makes everything feel better, body and mind.
Movement helps all of our body, including, our livers.
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Has your doc checked your thyroid (TWH) level?  Hair falling out and not losing weight could be suggestive of a hypothyroid.  Probably not but it is something worth checking out if it hasn't been already - mine pooped out around week 24 which is why I thought of it.
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Bad typist should read TSH level....
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Hi.  I am treating with VIC and also dealing with Anemia.  I just started working out again about a week ago because my weight keeps creeping up and I have been so lazy, then tired from the Anemia (or borderline Anemia).  Gotta say, I felt a difference right away.  The exercise gave me something else to focus on and when I could do certain things, I really felt a sense of accomplishment, which was a needed boost to my mood.  I have several joint issues and limitations so I found a trainer willing to help me work around them without getting hurt.

If your doc says it's okay, do something light that does not make you dizzy.  So maybe some seated exercises if need be.  There is a different feeling of being tired from exercise, to being weak and winded from the Anemia.  Best of luck to you!

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I've been exercising, and it makes me feel better. My doc told me to do what I can do. I drag myself to the gym for 1 or 2 classes a day, 6 days a week. Once exercising I feel good and have lost a couple pounds that I have gained. I'm on my 30th week of vic, with 6 more to go. My HGB has stayed in the low 9's. Good luck!

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Thank you for your responses. Unfortunately I live in the country in MN. Right now it's not safe for me to go out and walk. The wind chill right now is 22 but that's not too bad for at this time of year. What is bad is trying to walk in the snow and ice. I was at a hotel  on Wed.and went swimming. It did make me feel good when I swam a couple of laps in the pool. Maybe at home I can lay on the floor and do a few things. It's helpful to know that others are struggling too. But I wish no of us had to go through this. Having a bad day today. But I know I will have more good days. And nygirl, my Dr thought the same thing about my thyroid and it's ok. But it just goes to show how smart the ppl here can be. Thanks again
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I'm just starting my 7th week of triple therapy w incivik and have been UND at week 4. I started doing 30 minute training sessions a few weeks back. Really hard but once I get moving I feel better. Not really pushing it but some light weight reps on core excercize is important if you can do it. Either way try to do simple slow walks if you possibly can. Most days that I go I just hate it but 30 minutes goes pretty quickly. Good luck to all on our quest.
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Don't worry you have plenty good days ahead.
I lived Michigan and somtimes we have really bad winters.
Stay in and get some good books and rest, watch TV or movies
on a laptop if there's one available to you.
Imagine you're at a lodge or someplace really nice.

The weather will change soon and so will your feelings.
Try not to get too down in the dumps.
This too shall pass, and you WILL feel better.
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  I hardly do it myself anymore but also, my definition of a workout has changed. I wouldnt consider going for a jog or lifting weights like I did before treatment. I have to conserve my energy. It does feel good to get moving, Maybe you could go to the mall and walk around?
  I also expected to be thinner but am the same, just alot softer but I think thats to losing muscle, laying around. Its ok worth it when you get good lab results back. Good luck with the rest of your treatment!!
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I love your name tired turkey although you sound energetic to me! Classes, whew...I get my blood drawn today but I attribute my low energy to low wbc. tjrusert, I'm on victrellis but feel the same way. I exercise max twice a week and its only what I find fun. I've worked out my whole life and took a break with treatment. Feel like I need to conserve my energy. do something fun like dance, roller skate, or shop at the mall. Wii is also fun! We are suffering enough lol
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