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Well, I should find out in a couple of days what my lab results are.  In the mean time I have a question.  Has anyone been able to maintain an exercise regimen while on tx?  Weight training is a major part of my life and to not be able to train would crush me. However, it appears that fatigue is a major side effect of the tx. I've got to beleive that physical training would help to battle fatigue, or am I just kidding myself?  Has anyone had any experience with this issue?
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Some folks have been able to maintain a high level of physical activity including weight training without missing a beat. Others get hit so bad shuffling from the house to the car is an ordeal.

Most have an experience somewhere in between. I would say it is "typical" to be impacted by anemia until your body adjusts - sometimes some help is needed like taking Procrit.

So don't plan on having to abandon your routine, but expect that it might need some modification. Aerobic exercise is at the top of list of things a person on treatment should do to minimize the all too frequent depression that accompanies treatment.

God bless!   -Michael
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I have not been able to do a regular routine as far as exercise goes and that does bother me.  However, on my good days...I will walk or do a mini exercise program at house as my strength allows. I am beginning week 18 of 48 and last couple of weeks...I got super anemic and barely had strength to do regular duties and was quite winded.  If you are feeling good on tx...exercise is great and keeps the sides to a minumum.  I know when I'm through...I will have lots of catching up to do from this past year.  Good Luck to you!
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Just did 30/48 last Friday.  My activity level has decreased significantly while on tx but that doesn't mean yours will as well.  My biggest thing is riding my bike; where pre-tx I usually rode about 200 miles/wk and ave. 17-18mph, I now find I'm usually only doing a very slow 15 miles once or twice a week.  If I do more than that I seem to pay the consequences with headache, aches/pains, etc that evening and next couple days (not to mention the added weight loss that I don't need).  It still feels good to ride but I can hardly wait til I'm off tx and start getting the miles and speed back up.  I walk 3x wkly as well.  We've been doing some remodeling/redecorating at the house and that doesn't seem to bother me at all.  It's just the higher intensity exercise that has slowed down for me.

Good luck with tx.  And, as Chevy mentioned above, it's only temporary.
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did they finally give you something for the anemia?
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So far...don't need it! 2 weeks ago hemo...9 and redid blood last week and was so prepared with all my copies I had for procrit and the nurse called yesterday and said it went back up to 10.  I was shocked and thinking I should have soooo much more energy LOL  Hope you are feeling good lately and thanks for asking!
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I too lift weights.  I had to stop during the 13 weeks I was on tx - I was hit hard with sides. But by my second week post tx (they stopped me aftet shot 13 due to sides) I was lifting again.

It is six weeks now and I did legs today!

Do what you can. Lift light. Do more reps. I hope you can maintain a light routine and get back to where you were post tx.
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Do be careful not to tax your heart too much. I was told to take it easy...and I did!
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I used to go up the gym 3 or 4 times a week before treatment, and I continued to go throughout the year on tx.  It dwindled to about twice a week and then once, until I began to wonder what the hell I was doing there!  Nevertheless, I would recommend doing whatever you can manage - it really does lift your spirits a lot.  I used to enjoy going out for a walk in the park too with my husband, when the weather was good.  I'm 18 months post treatment now, and feel as good as ever!
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Tx is different for all, but so far (10 weeks) I have not had any appreciable decrease in energy. My RBC has stayed at pre-tx levels, so no anemia. My hep Dr. tells me that as long as RBC stays at normal levels- go for it! The problem for moi, is motivation. Brain fog, whatever, I find it hard to make that move, to get out the door ( I live in mountains, and hike vigorously). But once I do and get moving I am good. It is the only time I am truley thinking clearly all day. It helps sleep and clears the brain (at least temporarily). One thing to remember, drink even more water, the more you evercise.
Please remember, it is different for all, and if you do have a RBC/anemia problem, you will want to be VERY careful with exertion. Good luck!!
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I am on week 63 of tx. I was on 180 peg and 1000 riba (riba now at 800 after week 56). This morning I went for a run/trot then lifted some weights and did part of an ab tape. The thing is I run now for a mile or two, if I need to I stop and walk fast if I'm feeling somewhat breathless. Weights aren't bad, neither are the ab tapes.  Before tx 5 miles running was typical. I've had sx and lost weight but I definately notice I feel better if I exercise even if it is a little. It is harder to keep muscle up on tx but you can work out. I wish you the best. LL
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I am a triathlete who went on tx. Un fortunatly I was a non responder but I did keep up an pretty good exercise routine. Generally I would bike, swim or run every day. Biking and running were hard and I lost about 25% of my speed and strength. My heart would also beat about 10% faster at every stage. Swiming was best. II had a routine on shot nie of going for a swim, a little jacussi, hot shower then inject. It became my ritual. The clorine in the water did effect my skin though.

I have not been here for a while, I do peek in every now and then. It is great to see all the success stories! I am doing well. Pretty much back to my old nasty self!

I hope you are all well!
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