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Extend TX - need YOUR thoughts

Hey guys, how's everyone.  Sorry I haven't been able to post much.  Work has been really busy and I'm training someone new.  I don't have internet at home so can't leave msgs from there.

I have an opportunity and need some of your advice and thoughts.  My liver doctor is being sent to IRAQ and will be gone for the next 4 months.

My tx is supposed to end on Sept 15, that will be 48 weeks.  I actually have enough refills on the TX meds and procrit to take me to 60 weeks.

The reason I've always been concerned about relapsing is that I'm overweight and do have NAFLD in addition to the HCV.

How much do you think my odds would increase if I finish out my meds at 60 weeks as opposed to stopping at the 48?  This would be my decision as my doctor wouldn't even know I was still on the meds.  MY GP has been great about following my progress and would be able to step in if any problems came up.
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I agree with NY Girl. Overweight is not in itself a reason for extending. Did you clear by week 12? If so, standard protocol is to treat 48 weeks. If you want to go beyond that, I suggest you consult with either your doctor or another doctor in his absence to evaluate whether the risks of extending merit any incremental (if that) rewards regarding a better shot at SVR.

-- Jim
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Greetings and please refresh my foggy memory.  Are you on your second tx? Please post your stats and 12 week PCR and when you became undetectable.

As others have said, you have to weigh the risk of damage against the benefit of extending.  I will do my last of 56 shots Friday.  The 8 overtime weeks have been bad, I think in part because mentally I feel like I am making myself do this and MAYBE don't need it.  
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What are the percentages of horrific!!! long term side effects?
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Sorry, but tell us again when you tested UND?
These meds are so brutal, dangerous.  Be sure you really need to go on taking them.
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Jakish: What are the percentages of horrific!!! long term side effects?
Hey, go play with your sick ants :)


Seriously, did you take some time and read through those links I posted earlier? I think you'd have to walk in other people's shoes to say whether something is "horrific" or not. Add up, divide, mutliply what people are saying and I think you'll come up with a significant per cent of people having lingering sides.

NY Girl lost her thyroid - is that "horrific"? Doesn't sound good to me. For now, my QOL sucks and can't do much of what I used to. Is that "horrific". Well, I don't like it as I sit her typing when I would like to be outside working out.

-- Jim
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Someone posted something on one of the treads about research and extended treatments. Jim will probably jump in he is the king of reference for us all. Personally if your counts are good and a doctor is watching over you if is probably acceptable. My eyes are set on 48 weeks win, lose or draw. That's it. Good luck on the decision. Dale
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