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Eye drops?

Hi everyone:) I was wondering what people use when their eyes bother them? Mine are feeling very irritated since yesterday...Thanx:)
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If dry and itchy I use atificial tears, sometimes (I think its the inf) they water and burn really bad, have not found anything to help that but to ride it out
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Sorry I wear contacts so all I could use really was saline solution. Im a girl and it didn't help the makeup situation but dang it was horrible.
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I use a product called Similisan. You can purchase it in the grocery store. It is the only artificial tears product that does not burn going in. I love these drops as my eyes tend to be very dry.
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I have both Restasis and Systane. Systane is over the counter and you can get it in any pharmacy. Restasis is prescription and it would be prescribed only if you had your eyes examined by an eye doctor and your eyes were inflamed.
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I had seen that blindness and detached retinas could be a side, think from interferon, although not a common one. I had seen a post where someone recommended genteel.  I purchased the medium to moderate.  My eyes were so bad after the first shot I though my lids would damage my lenses or worse.  Genteel  worked for me.  I keep it by the bed and in my purse and use it at least once at night and once in the morning.  

I also tried an overnight gel, that was a disaster, I could not see right for 24 hours.  I have not tried some of the above products but will if the genteel stops working.  Good info.
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I use restasis and As Pooh said it is only prescribed by an Eye Doctor...mine was prescribed for dry eyes because he knew I was starting treatment. I also use Systane-

Good luck
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Durintg the first month of trt my eyes went through a period of being very dry and irritated.  I used artificial tears and seemed to sooth them enough.   This problem has diminished and is no longer an issue later in trt at week 29.  These medication can be very dehydrating.   Hope this settles down for you.
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I also laid a cool damp washcloth over my eyes at night.
good luck,

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Thanks everyone:)
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I'm kind of late jumping in...

I used artificial tears during the day (very often) and, at night just before I went to sleep, I used artificial tears OINTMENT for severe dry eyes.  It comes in a little tube and looks like vaseline but it is for severe dry eyes overnight.  It helped me tremendously so that my eyes weren't so irritated while sleeping and they were less red in the morning.

Avoid OTC eye drops that are medicated.  If your doc prescribes something, great, but don't buy over the counter medicated drops such as Visine.
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