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Teresa Hanbey is the Executive Director of "Hepatitis C Outreach Project". I have personally spoken with Ms. Hanbey and find her to be extremely knowledgeable. Some of you said that she posted something on Med Help claiming to be a doctor.  I have searched through as many postings as I can find in our Hep. Forum and do not see that she has ever made such a claim.  
In addition, some of you are concerned that she is trying to somehow get you to leave Med Help and go to her website.  For the record, she doesn't offer online Forums or Chat areas on her website. A number of you have posted threats and extremely nasty comments such as:

EXAMPLE 1) Concerns re: thanbey:  "Right I've had enough of this lets shoot thanbey. It'll only take 2 bagsey the grassy knoll!"

EXAMPLE 2)  "...She is condecending, a know it all troll, and quotes clinical studies that only her web site can link to."
How dare you call this woman a "troll"?  Ms. Hanbey spends every single day doing her best to help people with Hepatitis. You are entitled to disagree with her ideas, but you are NOT entitled to viciously attack her in an open Internet forum!
How many of you come here expecting everything to be free and then have the audacity to attack Ms. Hanbey for her $17K salary! I think she deserves 10 times that amount! How long will resources like Ms. Hanbey's & Med Help be around if the very people who USE THEM aren't willing to support them?

Med Help Int'l.  
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Finally!  A voice of reason.  Please review the postings from PeeBee, Revenrie and TnHepGuy for more examples of abusive behavior toward Theresa Hanbey.

Thank you for stepping in.  I hope it makes a difference.

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This is the site >> <a href="http://www.womens-health.org/0javascripts/dropinnav.htm?/policy/Coalition/whrcmembers.htm">Society for Women's Health Research</a> where thanbey WAS listed as a doctor (and a search on Google comes right up with it too -- they have been contacted too):

Society for Women's Health Research
1828 L St., NW Suite 625
Washington, DC 20036
phone: 202-223-8224
fax: 202-833-3472
e-mail: info@womens-health.org

This is where thanbey was listed as a doctor. I called them today (all by my little self) and had it changed to reflect her "real" title: MSW = Master Sophist & With-money-hungry-eyes.

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To:  Tallblonde:

We hope it makes a difference too, otherwise we'll have to take further action and WE HATE to have to do THAT!!

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I want to amplify the idea of contributing to this board. I wonder how many of us have even thought of donating here and I think it's clear that this board is not soliciting or dissuading or persuading or advertising anything. It has provided a forum for us patients and support people to exchange ideas, information and experience as well as give us the opportunity to seek and get support. Life ain't free for the most part. Mike
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don't be surprise if your comment dissappears as mine did.  I guess there is a little censorship here too.  The dissenting posts are removed and Tallblonde's remain.  Disheartening to know this.
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Thanks for ruling out disrespect on the forum.  Some comments, even by people I value, were over the edge.

MedHelpInternational and Teresa Hanbey's organization are hardly in the same league.  MHI has been and will continue to be a valued resource.  MHI's fundraising is tasteful and appropriate.  MHI is up front, doesn't misrepresent the facts, and doesn't promote itself in a self-serving manner.  I will continue to enjoy MHI as a resource.  The director of MHI may actually deserve $170,000 in salary (10 x $17,000 as you suggested).

Thank you for providing this valuable resource.
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You should be proud of your accomplishment!  You should be proud to be able to afford to donate or even consider to donate.  This disease, obviously does not care who you are, female, male, age, creed, religion, financial status, grandmother, father, sister, mother, grandfather, or WHOEVER YOU ARE!  It is people like you who should be congratulated for your contribution to research!  There are people who have money that could be donated for research and choose not to.  I applaud you on your compassion and SELFLESSNESS!
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Hi all,

I don't usually get involved in these discussions but I just had to say;

Lets just drop this and get on with our real business....Helping each other get through this horrible disease, and horrible treatment if that is the route we are forced to take, each in his/her own way and according to his/her own beliefs.


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Your post deserves to be repeated 4x.  Dave
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Personally, maybe I am wrong, but it seems thanbey stopped posting some time ago.  You are all keeping this debate alive long after it should have died a natural death...

I don't agree with a non-treatment approach, but I do appreciate the chance to read about different opinions.  

Of course, not being a "patient", just a spouse of a patient, I may not have a right to post, some here have suggested in the recent past.
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This criticism of eachother has to stop. This is the legacy Thanbey has left with us.  And if she "hopes this helps" she is mistaken.  We all have huge issues to deal with besides the disease. Personally, I have a 90-year-old mother, and an alcoholic, mentally ill brother.  I have my sweet son being shot at every day in Iraq. But it still hurts to see well-meaning people sniping at eachother. Cindy, I wrote my views personally to the web site for your attention.   Mike, I was glad Dallas opened up about contributions as it will make us all think of what we can do.  Tallblonde, cast the first stone.  Codependence is not necessary in Thanbey's case.  She is perfectly capable of coming down to earth on her own.
    This is such a great group of human, caring people and everyone has a right to be territorial. Let's be reasonable though.
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I receive no salary.

I have in the past, and anticipate the possibility in the future, receiving  payments (hopefully a salary one day) from grants that permit that expense. The dollar amount that is bandied about hardly compensates for the costs of doing this.

HCOP has, in the past, had employees who were patients re-entering the workforce. We no longer have the funds to do that. We rely totally on the volunteer efforts of those who come forward and those I can twist the arms of, like my husband.

No one at HCOP currently receives compensation. The travel expenses are used for me, speakers and others participating in cross country projects (some DO pay their own freight) This has allowed patients who otherwise could not afford to go to a conference to participate. We have funded costs associated with self help efforts, community outreach and community awareness, meetings, advosiry boards and the like and I hope to continue to do this in the future.

We have also funded, on a very small scale, participation in research, including working with a team at the NIH in neurovirology research on "brain fog" in hope of finding help for patients.

My comments regarding HCOP have been largely in response to misrepresentations and misstatements. I have initiated almost none of the discussion about HCOP that some have critisized. For example, we have not yet even filed our 2003 IRS reports because our fiscal year ends on March 30!

When the mistake on ANOTHER organization's website listed me as Dr., I took immediate steps to have that corrected. I believe it has been corrected. I am not, and have never claimed to be, a medical doctor. EVER. Likewise I have no authority, control or responsibility for any message board anywhere. I have no power to ban anyone from anything, even from HCOP's site. I hope I never have to put software in place to do that.

I am delighted that some of you have contributed to HCV research. I agree that Medhelp deserves every dime raised to help defray the costs associated with this site, but whoever you choose will put the donation to good use, I am certain. Give generously, please.

HCOP's site is not primarily a fundraising site any more than this one is. It is primarily an information site. I can't understand the kafuffle about this because even if it WAs a fundraising site, you have a choice about whether to donate or not. The site is there to use for free to anyone who wants to use it. There are no ads and there are no products. NONE.

And while I did not initiate MedHelp's involvement in this matter I am very glad Cindy contacted me about the concerns that were raised to her.

My intention is to continue to offer information here and elsewhere. And, I have and will continue to take the research offered here and put it into the database on my site for easy, future reference. Use it for that purpose or not, as you see fit.

Please seriously consider sending a donation to MedHelp. Since you have benefitted from being here, why not support the costs associated with this service? It's only fair.



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