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FYI: drug costs, off topic post in bad taste only...please

Just FYI, tracking the latest shipment and found the list of meds.....my ribavarin (720) costs $2,382.85, the procrit (40K)x 12 is $6,159.84, and the peg-intron is $4,679.51 for 12.  I have great insurance......but I can't imagine the tweenies, those that don't qualify for free meds, and those with poor insurance......drives me crazy!!
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Yup - that is why I laughed like crazy mad when my doctor recently said again something about tx costing $20,000. I laughed so hard and told him he was out of his mind it's more like $100,000 at LEAST.

He didn't believe me so I laid it all out there. It's not just interferon but also the Epogen, Ambien, Paxill, on and on and on and on. And the lotions and creams. And the special foods. And vitamins and supplements.  And tests and blood tests and exams and ultrasounds and biopsies.

$20,000? Maybe literally a month but......

Thank GOD for the drug companies being so liberal about getting us the meds when the insurance kicks it out.  

You work hard all of your life and then the insurance company just says "sorry uh nope" and there is NOTHING you can do. My fathers friends daughter is 15. She was PARALYZED six months ago in an accident.

Do you believe that they just cut off her insurance and said she'd had enough?  The parents are going out of their minds. 15 years old. I don't know the details but it does not surprise me at all. The bottom line is it's all about $$$$$$$$$ not them getting anyone WELL.
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One thing I did was sort of cheat, sort of.

My first script for Neupogen was three a week.  When it worked its way down to one a week, I still refilled the three a week script so I got three for the price of one.  Didn't work on the Procrit cause it just kept being upped instead of lowering but every little bit helped.

Same thing with pain stuff, have the doc write a large one month script and made it last longer.  I only had a $10 or $20 copay but even doing a % copay, the larger the script the more the discount.  Like 20 Tylenol 3 might cost you $10 but 100 might cost only $25 because all scripts have a minumum charge.  Did that make any sense?  That's what I discovered during an uninsured period of life anyway.

Anything to get thru this.  Noone should be forced not to treat or go bankrupt just to treat.  Sometimes this world we live in really stinks.

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Yes,,,its unreal what it cost to do the tx. I figured for my hubby and I,,,probably around 40,000 to 50,000 and like NY says,,,,that doesn't even cover all the little prescriptions and extras for sides.  I really feel for people with no insurance or insurance that isn't real good because honestly,,,We wouldn't have been able to treat...
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Worst yet, my HMO (Medica) is raising my co-payment for "specialty" drugs to 20% of costs up to a maximum $200 per prescription.  Unfortunately all Hepatitis drugs are considered "specialty" and as well as all rescue meds (which unfortunately are the same ones used for all chemo therapies).

Thus, instead of the $25 I paid per prescription during the 10 months I tried tx to see if it would work for me, I will now be paying $200.  That's nearly a 10% increase and unfortunately my pay is not rising by the same rate.

Furthermore, they are forcing us to use a particular pharmacy chain or pay the out-of-network costs for these meds.  Fortunately, the pharmacy they've selected (Walgreens) is the one I had been using when I recently tried tx.

So it looks like my option to re-treat is being taken away by my health insurance provider.  

The good news is that the large supply of Procrit I got, thanks to me refilling my perscription before being yanked off of tx, might fetch a hefty sum on the black market.
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Hmmm, I wonder if I can auction that Procrit off on eBay?
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Hey, Due to the way some income is calculated in my work(property rehab/sale, 1031 exchange, for those that know), I will not get help on meds. Problem is, though I show the income for last year I do not have the income, uncle sam gets it all. My Question- are those costs for 12 weeks of treatment? If so the cost with all the other stuff, Drs., blood work etc could eaisly reach 100k. Never heard the word "tweenie" but it fits.
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Did you try the Commitment to Care program? It is not an asset based program, they use after tax income numbers. The problem is you need to have a doc to write you a scrip. I'd apply with them and see if they will pre qualify you.

1 800 521 7157
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yup, thats a three month supply, but I only do 1 shot of procrit a week, others have to do more......and so many lose their jobs, or can't work....  something is wrong with the system...

Friole looked her records up, and her tx cost was around 88K if I remember correctly (but she had insurance).

Good luck.....its a case of dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.....
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Very real.  I always thought instead of sending troops we should train 100,000 psychotherapists a yr and send them around the globe.
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250 million a day.

Take it out of the Bush war and put it back into healthcare and education where the Clinton's had it.

The only person who wants that war is the one who keeps on insisting it's not a losing battle.  But since he's never BEEN in a battle since he skirted out of real duty by cheating with his families money (unlike the swiftboat LIARS said)...how could he know?

Probably was a real battle just reading his name on the airplane door.  Even a chimpanzee like him should be able to do that!

(Sorry I've been good for MONTHS but every once in a while I lose it).  250 million a DAY.
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It is so obscene, corporate greed ! And where else can you get these drugs for free?  Not in Thailand where I was diagnosed.
   The cost of tx is one reason you'll never hear the Veterans adminstation admit to spreading in the boot camps by inoculation during the Vietnam War era.
    The politics of this disease, stinks like rotten fish in old dirty socks.
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OMG fishdoc!

lol Grandoak.  I have often wondered about about that 3 month supply of Copegus I have left over in my cabinet and what it might go for at auction.  I'll never forget when I learned that my Medicare covered 80% of Schering Ploughs meds (what the doc was going to use at that time, in 2003).  The pharmacist said to me  "uh... let's see.... after your Medicare, that will leave you with... uh ...let's see.... about 2800.00 per month ? ? ?"  (questioning his own calculations).  I exclaimed "do what??"   I called Medicare (phfffffffffft), Schering Plough, then my doc who only used Schering products and would not use Roche).  I had to find a GI doc that would treat me with Roche products (the Peggasist Program, which was "free meds" for me).  

The cost is one reason I'm looking into trials. If I participate, I'll get the meds free.  I might not get Procrit and Neuopogen free, which -- I have no clue what I'll do if the trial doesn't use them, other than possibly begin depleting my poor family's bank account. I sure don't have the $$$.  Doc said "no no no - you do NOT want to have to pay for Procrit or Neupogen - let's see if the trial uses them."  He's going to be checking.  If they don't, well - I will be using all the advice I see here on how I can get those rescue drugs at a reduced cost or free.  They are prohibitively expensive, and I can't imagine beginning treatment not knowing if or how I can get those important rescue drugs.

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How much are paying for Iraq each day ? Zip. Kinda like my Visa balance.

On the subject of getting drugs. I found Schering to be about as good as you can get when it comes to their PHP. They may be a little easier since they use 'income base' to qualify rather than roches 'asset based' but basically all it took from me was a letter saying, 'I don't have the money' and that was that. From the time I initially called Schering to the time I got the drugs delivered was about a week.

Procrit has been a little stranger to deal with. First of all, they have a voice mail system that sends you into oblivion that as you press the numbers to navigate through, you end up where you started. When I did finally get someone, ( the called me ) they were asking about my income and it was starting to not look so good since I suppose I COULD afford IF I was to forgoe things like, oh....electricity and FOOD. So I asked the guy if you could eat procrit and he said, 'It's injected.' I then asked him if I could run it in my car, or pay my utility bill with it....you know, since they basically wanted me to have nothing but a fridge stocked with procrit I need to know what other uses it has because I do have other needs, man.

Anyway, we'll see how that one ends up here in the next few days...
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And how much are WE paying for Iraq each day ?
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Amen.  My son deploys in mid feb.  2900 broken families, not to mention the 22,000 wounded, all to feed some cowboys ego.........
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To heck with it!! I'm checking e-bay!! How's that for bad taste. Really now, I still have to get a bx and won't be making up my mind about tx until then. I sense a genuine concern, Kalio, and am truly touched. None of you folks know me from Adam. thanks, jerry It really is pretty cool that the drug co.s are ready to help so many.
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My sentiments exactly re: how much money is being wasted! I hate to talk politics, but what our tax dollars are being spent on instead of health care is directly related to this subject. And I don't think you went overboard at all by calling him a chimpanzee!!
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Chimpanzees are cute, he is NOT.
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I spent most of the last 5 years out of the country and it embarassed me to have such a moron for a president. He's the puppet head, I'm sure if you knocked on his head it would sound hollow. Now, he can be the scapegoat.  
       Stewart and  Colbert for president!
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OMG! I can post again!!!!
i tried changing my name, password etc.
is it my computer? i dunno.

just wanted to chime in- say hello to everyone.
i hope everybody's doing well.
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Hi! How are you doing? I haven't seen you in awhile. What happened? I had a problem with password/name when I used another computer.
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