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FYI nutrition and liver disease

I just received some info from the nutrionist at work and she listed a few things to avoid if your ammonia level is getting too high. This can cause confusion, lethargy and coma. ?? brain fog?
eat only vegetable sources of protein
avoid animal protein
avoid gelatin (jello), cheese, salami, peanut butter and onions. States that these foods produce more ammonia.
So what is in my fridge. Those no calorie jello cups to snack on. Guess out they go.
You guys probably already know all of this but just thought I'd post it anyway.
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I always appreciate nutrition info!  thanks for posting it!
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Thanks for the info.  I don't know what my ammonia level is but I am lethargic, confused and with brain fog and I eat a lot of animal protein.

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From what I've been reading and been told, one of the functions of the liver is to regulate the amount of glucose, protein and fats that enter the bloodstream. It also processes vitamins and minerals. Like Iron. My iron is elevated so this dietician also said to limit red meats. Guess that has the most iron in it. And there are two kinds of iron. Seems like the animal iron sources, like red meat, are the ones to avoid. When we have the liver damage (cirrhosis) the liver can't process these things like normal.
My hepatogist is the one who ordered the ammonia level on me last week. When the dietician learned that I had an elevated ammonia level she asked me how high it was. When I told her she immediately asked me if I was getting confused at all. I guess that since this has been a long time process for me instead of an acute illness, my body has compensated for these elevated levels because so far I don't seem to be getting confused or lethargic. So I'm going to try to avoid some of these things she told me about. Worth checking in to.
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the disease plays out differently with everybody, but from my understanding, patients probably have more difficulty with amonia levels, etc etc...the farther they go along in the disease process, close to cirrhosis, etc...course I'm no doc, but here is an excellent symptoms page, explaining the different processes, etc....


hope this helps.
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thanks for the info iam emptying my refrig. after this post
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I'm emptying mine too. I have a huge chunk of Gouda cheese that's going to a friend tomorrow. The dietician also told me to cut back on my salt intake so I've also bagged up my popcorn and am trying to make myself get rid of some of the soup I have. I just wonder what exactly I can eat. My daughter and her husband are vegetarians but they eat cheese, eggs and fish so maybe I need to eat more like they do. Minus the cheese and limiting the eggs. I wasn't told to cut out all protein but to limit it to 5 ounces (cooked) a day. Now I have to figure out about how much that is. This can get really confusing.
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