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Failed THC drug test, been clean 2 1/2 months

Can anyone tell me why I failed a drug test for pot when I have not smoked in 2 1/2 months. I have chronic hep c geno type 3, treatment begins Dec. 15,2015. And I have a  liver biopsy this Thursday has anyone had one?
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Don't sweat the liver biopsy. The actual procedure only takes minutes and doesn't hurt. Having said that, you will need to be monitored for several hours afterward as there have been rare cases where internal bleeding has occurred.  So, plan on being at the hospital for a good majority of the day. I had some minor pain in the upper back behind the shoulder blade area.

Liver biopsies were considered the 'gold standard' test in the past, but there are non-invasive methods, such as an ultrasound elastography, to determine the severity of your liver disease that are very accurate. Each physician has their preference.

Congratulations on your sobriety and good luck with your upcoming treatment.

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THC stores in the fat cells and you can test positive as far out as 6 months after last use.
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Thank you, I will stress less about the biopsy:)
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Thanks Billy!
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Hi Marc, The biopsy went way better than what I thought.Thank you again for the advice. Enjoy your day!
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The waiting is the hardest part. I have interviewed for jobs and I am 1 week away from starting harvoni and sovaldi depending on outcome of liver biopsy last week. I have not shared my diagnosis with prospective employers and am concerned how I will feel when I do start treatment. I want to work, does anyone have experience with this?
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I too, have been applying for jobs and my recommendation would be NOT to mention your illness to any prospective employer. Although it is illegal to deny someone a job because of illness, people are subconsciously thinking, will this person be able to do their job well? Will they miss work a lot because of their illness? If you have been out of the workforce for awhile, say you were on sabbatical or writing a novel or traveling. Good luck on your treatment and on your job search! BTW, you would be taking Harvoni OR Sovaldi. If you are taking Ribavirin as well, people react differently to that drug. Others can work with the Riba added but it was pretty awful for me. I worked all through Sovaldi and Olysio with no problems
Thank you so much for sharing !
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Glad the biopsy went well for you.

For me, I have GT1 and had a very easy ride on Harvoni. I actually felt better while taking it than I had felt for years. Had a ton of energy, slept well, exercised, etc. Didn't affect my job performance at all.

I've seen a number of posts, here and on other forums, where people basically cripple themselves before even beginning treatment based on something they've read. The majority of people on the new medications don't suffer from terrible side effects. You typically only see people posting that DO have side effects, so don't think that is the norm.

Ribavirin, as hepcandme has mentioned, is the wildcard. Not exactly sure what your protocol is but you may not even need that. The combo of daclatasvir and sofosbuvir has excellent results for GT3s. Per the FDA:

"Results showed that 98 percent of the treatment-naive participants with no cirrhosis of the liver and 58 percent of the treatment-naive participants with cirrhosis achieved sustained virologic response. Of the participants who were treatment-experienced, 92 percent with no cirrhosis of the liver and 69 percent with cirrhosis achieved sustained virologic response. "

Best of luck with treatment and I personally wouldn't share your health information with prospective employers. Let the insurance underwrite deal with that if and when you get hired.

Best wishes. Marc
Whew, what a relief! Great advice Marc, thank you. You are so right about the crippling affect before starting treatment, most of all my problems are in my magic magnifying mind.  It is good to know you had great results on Harvoni.
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Marc is correct about having a liver biopsy. As an alternative, many facilities have changed over to Fibroscan - it is non-invasive - meaning they just rub it on your skin (like ultra-sound). There is zero risk and your done in as little as 20 minutes. The readings are fairly close to a liver biopsy.
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