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Failed Triple Therapy (Peg, Riba, Inc) after 4 Weeks

You have been very helpful to me, and had asked to be updated on my latest tests.  I had a viral breakthrough at my four week test.  What do I do now?  What do I do with all these extra drugs I have?  What trials should I research?  I was treatment naive and I'm genotype 1A.  Thanks, guys.  I appreciate all you've done for me.

Here are my test results:

Component Hepatitis C RNA Quant
Standard Range
2/22/2012 7075261 A
4/20/2012 90 A
4/27/2012 139 A
5/10/2012 1986 A

Component Standard Range 2/22/2012 4/20/2012 4/27/2012 5/10/2012
WBC 4.0-10.0 1000/mm3 5.0 5.1 4.4 2.9 L
RBC 4.60-6.10 mill/mm3 5.03 4.89 4.65 3.88 L
Hgb 13.7-17.5 gm/dL 15.2 14.8 14.1 11.8 L
Hct 40.0-50.0 % 43.5 42.7 40.5 35.0 L
MCV 79.0-95.0 um3 86.5 87.3 87.1 90.2
MCH 26.0-32.0 pgm 30.2 30.3 30.3 30.4
MCHC 32.0-36.0 % 34.9 34.7 34.8 33.7
RDW 12.0-14.0 % 12.7 13.2 13.2 13.9
MPV 9.4-12.4 fL 10.4 10.3 10.2 10.5
Plt Count 140-370 1000/mm3 158 122 L 129 L 125 L
Segs 34-71 % 67 72 H 66 75 H
Lymphocytes 19-53 % 25 18 L 24 16 L
Monocytes 5-12 % 6 8 7 8
Abs Neutrophils 1.6-7.0 1000/mm3 3.4 3.7 2.9 2.2
Abs Lymphs 0.8-3.1 1000/mm3 1.3 0.9 1.0 0.5 L
Abs Monos 0.2-0.8 1000/mm3 0.3 0.4 0.3 0.2
Imm Gran % 0-1 % 1 1
Diff Type Automated Automated Automated Automated

Component Standard Range 2/22/2012 4/20/2012 4/27/2012 5/10/2012
Glucose 70-115 mg/dL 70 78 82 94
Bun 6-20 mg/dL 10 12 15 11
Creatinine 0.67-1.17 mg/dL 0.72 0.84 0.84 0.99
Sodium 136-145 mmol/L 137 139 142 143
Potassium 3.5-5.1 mmol/L 4.0 3.9 4.0 4.1
Chloride 98-107 mmol/L 100 101 105 105
Bicarbonate 22-29 mmol/L 26 28 28 27
Calcium 8.6-10.5 mg/dL 8.7 8.5 L 9.5 8.5 L
Total Protein 6.0-8.0 g/dL 7.2 7.1 7.5 7.3
Albumin 3.5-5.2 g/dL 4.5 4.4 4.5 4.5
Bilirubin, Tot <1.2 mg/dL 0.8 2.4 H 1.8 H 1.3 H
AST (SGOT) 0-40 U/L 36 29 23 22
ALT (SGPT) 0-41 U/L 48 H 29 17 18
Alkaline Phos 40-129 U/L 82 83 87 90

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Very sorry to hear this. GS-7977 trial is what you want. Clinicaltrials.gov

Got my fingers crossed for you.
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Its looks as though you never became Und? If so you are a null responder. There are trials going on now without interferon you might ask your doctor about. As for those extra drugs, your doctor should take them, they could be very helpful to somebody.

Sorry about your news, don't give up hope though. Best to you.
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Hi Eki.

I am sorry to hear this.. I also failed an attempt and can relate somewhat with the disappointment you must feel.

I see from your profile you are co-infected and this is a comorbidity  that can have somewhat harder to treat results on the HCV.

With all the research being done currently ,in time there will be even more efficient medications available and certainly more options for the co-infected  and  for people that have had a less than stellar result with the ones available today.
As cando mentioned you may want to investigate entering a trial and discussing this with your physician.

My best wishes to you..
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Hi Will,

Co-infected?  I'm not sure what that means, but I do not have HIV.  I'm a hemophiliac and I only have HCV.  

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Oh I am sorry Eki..I read your profile incorrectly about the HIV. My apologies on that..

Try to invesigate getting into a trial as mentioned and please let us know how things are going..
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Thank you for returning with this unbelievable news.  Your smile is so bright.  One would never know the silent burdon you carry.  I am so sorry for this set back but I want to commend you for your valiant efforts.  Your family must be very proud of you for diving into the unknown.  

I hope some one who is in your particular boat will pop in.  We have a few double geno's.  The most important thing is not to give up.  I am sure you sent those virons running crazy.  I would recommend clinicaltrials.gov.  That's how I found my first attempt because I had no $.  Please let us know what avenues you have considered?  
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Is that what this means?  That I was infected twice with two different genotypes?

Thanks so much for the responses!
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Also, thank you for the very kind words of encouragement.  I teared up while reading it aloud to my girlfriend.
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First, I am very sorry to hear that the triple med treatment did not work for you. I know it has to be very, very disappointing and disheartening.The drugs, even the triple treatment, just do not work for everyone.

I agree with the others about what can be done in the future (trials, new drugs).

I do not see anywhere in your profile or your posts that you have two Genotypes. All I see is that you are Genotype 1 A. That is only 1 Genotype.

Eki, keep us posted and let us know how things work out in the future and if you start new treatment. People here do care.

Best of luck.
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I'm so sorry to hear this news, I can't imagine your disappointment.  What were your most recent biopsy results?  Your liver enzymes look really good, perhaps the damage is not so bad that you need to be in a rush to treat.  There are some very promising new treatments a few years out.   A clinical trial is also a good suggestion, what is your doctor's advice?

With regard to your leftover drugs, we've given anything we had left over to our doctor (also in SD, BTW.)  There are many people that are uninsured and could desperately use them.  
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That I was infected twice with two different genotypes?
It appears to me you only have one Geno -1A.   I agree with Pooh.

Sorry to hear about the failed tx and good luck finding a trial for your next step.
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Please forgive my stupid assumption that you had two geno types at once.  Thank you for correcting me.  HCV and Hemophilia are almost on the same current for me - sort of - I have serious clotting problems at times.  TMI here but when I had a menses it was so bad I would regularly be anemic and had great difficulty with the copious amounts.  I have always had a suspicion that my HCV had something to do with this.  I am not an expert but I sense correlations and you have spurred me to do some research.  

I feel you are just getting the stones out of your path to health realizing what will work on the way.  California is so progressive - I would hit the University Hospitals because of the challenge you would represent for them.  They might really appreciate having you as a patient.  Yikes.

You are an inspiration.
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I am so sorry to hear this...I agree that asking about a trial may be worth it. If that is not offered to you then take care of yourself, it will not be long hopefully before these new treatments are offered to everyone.

Stay strong buddy

Best wishes,
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I just looked it up.  It looks really promising.  Here's more information:


Thanks so much, James!
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Thank you, Laura!
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Hi Stormy!

Always nice to hear from you.  I'm going to take my leftover drugs to my doctor on Friday.  I agree that my liver is fine right now, and I can wait for future treatments.  Thanks for this!

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Boy, I am disheartened to read this.  I so hope all treatment naive patients will clear and never have to do this again.  Did you take Incevik?  

You are a null responder as can-do said since you never cleared.  Maybe they are calling it a breakthrough because your vl increased each testing.  Your test results from 4/20 -- was that week 1? -- were so promising - from 7 million to 90, it is hard to believe this didn't work out.  Were you 100% compliant?  Did you get a biopsy before you treated?

Sorry for all the questions, but I would like to add you to our spreadsheet (go to my profile and click on the pictures).  I think it is important to see all of the results -- not only the successes.

I wish you better luck with a trial -- sorry I cannot give you any information with regards to them.


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So sorry to hear that triple therapy did not work for you. Hoping that you get into one of the trials and can beat this virus once and for all!
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Hi frijole,

Yes, you can add me to your spreadsheet.  I will answer your questions honestly.

Yes, I took Incivek.  Yes, I was 100% compliant.  I never missed a dose.  I was never even really late for a dose.  I took it between 15 minutes before to 15 minutes after I was supposed to, depending on how fast I could eat.

I ate fat like clockwork.   Yes, 4/20 was my week 1 test.  

I got an MRI before treatment, but did not get a biopsy.  They didn't want to biopsy me because of the hemophilia.

I also don't understand why this would happen.  I did everything in my power to kick this thing and I guess the dice just rolled against me.


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Sorry to hear this, I failed my first try as well, but my liver was so badd I stayed on treatment for 10 months to give it a break.
As they said in Galaxy Quest - Never give up, never surrender!

There are more and better coming, one will be right for you!

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Thanks, Dave!  It's good to know there are others fighting the same battles.
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Wow, I am really sorry this didn't work out for you. As others indicated it appears you never quite reached UND. I wonder if that makes you a Null responder rather than treatment niave.

Anyway, you are right, that leaves you with a rather sizable box of Incivek and maybe, what..3/4 a bottle of Riba? Your doctor's office might be able to use the Incivek. I know I had an emergency at the end of treating and I was short something like 42 tablets!!

I agree with the others and hope you hang in there and explore the trials. Don't give up hope as there is something out there or coming down the pike that will help you slay this dragon!
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I was just thinking how lucky I am for all of you.  I can't believe I post my test scores and you guys take time out of your day and read those tests and contemplate my options...offer me moral support....send me links to trials....I am very, very grateful.
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This Trial looks very promising, and I am going to try to talk my husband into trying it also.
   You are still  young, and look very healthy, so I wish you luck.
You have such a great attitude, and I am glad you are taking such good care of your health~
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