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Faith based recovery

I know this is OT, which is why I'm posting it to "Misc" topic, but I know that sadly several of us here have recovered from one additiction or another, or for some of us probably several.

It was amazing tonight to see ~2500 people, many of which have found their recovery through faith based treatment when for some many secular treatments failed, gathering together tonight at a local church to rejoice in their, or their loved ones, recovery, give praise to the One which allowed them to finally be delivered from their addictions, and hear testimonies of various people from the average joe to very succesfull business people on how their lives have changed since their recovery.

Add on top of that the 2-3 dozen faith based recovery programs/support groups which had booths providing information on the services they offer and, for me at least, it was very moving experience.  So much so that I felt I needed to share.

"If not for His grace and mercy, we'd have been consumed"
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What program are you talking about. I've been gone must have missed something here. I know I was delivered. What did I miss I really want to know whether anyone else does or not. They don't have to read the thread/
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The only way that I got off of drugs and alcohol was through the prayers of my family and my their extended prayer chains.  Following that, I had private counseling on and off, for past issues, in order to stay off of the substances.  I never went to AA and only visited 1 NA meeting 1 time with a friend.  I've never been too much of a group kind of a gal.  This is why it's been a big stretch even for me to be going to a church with 1000's of people there.  But, God can do great things!  My basic nature is being alone or with 1 or 2 other people.  But, being with God, in church, or alone, is way better than any high and he's more dependable!!  God doesn't give you a hangover either!  And drugs/alcohol gave me liver damage, God certainly didn't do that!  Praises to God who loves a person such as me!

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Nothing like being set free, leaving all your baggage behind!
God is on the move, so many lives being changed. Can't help but talk about Him when your life has been so drastically changed.

It's funny, I have a friend whom I have great conversations with. He happens to be an atheist, great guy, loving father, very sucessful. He likes to try to get a rise out of me by telling me of how he doesn't need God. His life is going well etc.

Needless to say,he gets that "rise" and our conversations go on and on. He's strong in his ways and I in mine, but we love each other dearly.

When he lists his achievments (and they are many) he always points out that he has done this all on his own, without God.

My answer to him is that hopefully some day before he closes his eyes for the last time, he will see that it WAS GOD with him, blessing him and his family,because God loves even those who don't love Him. He loved us first, before we loved Him.

By the way, this fellow has an addiction problem,but since it doesn't interfere with his work, he doesn't think its any "real problem." Yeah, okay.

It's funny, an atheist can go into the labor room at a hospital and have a baby. Doesn't matter whether she gives the glory to God for the birth of this child or not,that doesn't change the fact that He is the creator.

Getting back to my friend...his 8 year old son, just had his leg cut off, cancer,so sad. Was it God who did this? Of course not. God is loving. But will it make my friend realize he needs God to help him keep his sanity as his son goes through this. I hope he realizes this and turns to God.

His son has finished tx and hopefully the cancer will not come back.
All his wealth,achievements and success cannot buy the peace that he needs at this time. So. hopefully he will turn to God who gives us a peace that passes understanding as so clearly stated in His word.
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Everyone has their own time to turn to our Heavenly Father. Some turn to Him out of pain and suffering and some don't. But the Lord loves the athiests too. My mother thought she was an athiest, but when they gave her 52 shock treatments she told me later that she knew God's power was stronger than that electricity. They never should have given her more then 10 or 12 treatments. That's cruel and it was not authorized by anyone in the family. She just had a baby and the mental doctors didn't even know it. She was having post partum depression because she was 37 1/2 years old. Then we (me 13 and my sister 15) had to take care of our baby brother and her and finish school. Lots of fun.
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People that have faith are more calmer and relaxed about their situation which usually does turn out ok.  Worrying all the time not having faith is my opinion is negative and doesn't bring good results. Whatever anyones faith is,,,you have to be strong and be positive.  We have seen it over and over as an example of us trying to beat hep right here in this forum...
You should never doubt your situation and then if the results aren't what you had anticipated,,,,you go to next plan!
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The same exact thing happened to my Mother. Back then that was what they did for "depression" that and giving them heavy doses of opiates. My Dad used to commit her when he was depressed and back then your husand could do that against your will. I then had to care for my siblings and the home AND my Mother as my Dad decidied it was too difficult and left. I was only 10 years old.
Hard as it was, it made me a very capable and positive person. It was so difficult I used the power of positive thinking to cope. I was too young to know what tools I was using to get through but looking back I see that that difficult experience of having to grow up and take care of Mom and everything else at that age has also had some very positive impact on my life. I can feel your anger, pain and resentment about what they did to your Mom from here and I do know exactly what it feels like to have had your Mother "taken" with shock treatments and depression. I hope you can find a way to get past that as it only hurts YOU and not those that hurt her back then. They did what they did because they didn't know any better and were trying to help her, they didn't have the tools to deal with depression they do now. Shock therapy is still used today with excellent results for many. Our Mom's were key in the learning curve of depression and hopefully their "contribution" has helped many people suffer less.

Did you start tx?
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Religion is trully the "opiate of the masses."  And that is not a bad thing.
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Religion may be, but my fellowship with God is not.  He has healed me of many things in my life.  If it were not for him, I would probably be dead.
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The Lord has gotten me through situations worse than hepatitis C treatment. I'm sure he will get me through this also. He hasn't given up on me yet (thank God). Yes, faith is a wonderful thing and His greatest gift.
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One day I was a practicing alcoholic and the next day I accepted a plan of recovery. I have not had a drink in 5 years. I was able to meet and complete three goals. Goal one was to see the promblem and admit it. Goal two was to see the solution and to accept it. Goal three was to practice to the best of my abillity a plan of action for the rest of my life. It is a simple program but somtimes diificult but it will accomplish what it was set out to do. It will aid in the the hopeles condition of mind and body it will produce a vast change in feeling and outlook. Then you have a bonus to all that you add a fellowship of men and woman who are practicing the same program so you can all come togther so that others may recover.

   This forum has so much in common with recovery programs. One member sharing with another member so that their life may become better and while sharing their own life is made better.
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child, I'm reading an excellent book right now. It addresses many critical questions, such as, how can a loving god allow suffering in this world? This author, I believe has a very good response. He asks, "How can a mere finite human be sure that infinite wisdom would not tolerate certain short-range evils in order for more long-range goods that we can't foresee?" He draws the analogy of a bear caught in a trap. A hunter comes to release him seeing the bear is in extreme pain and suffering. In order to release him, the hunter must first push him further into the trap to release the tension on the spring. The bear would have no way of knowing the hunter ,out of compassion, was trying to release him. It's hard to feel this in the midst of suffering, but I think it helps to intellectually KNOW it.
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I agree, helping others is a blessing. That's why I do help others, but just not in the AA and NA environments. I've managed to stay clean and sober, so I must have done something right!
Take care.

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Elaine,,,,Absolutely you did not offend me!!  LOL In fact I'm rereading my post and yours to see where you got that idea.  Honestly I was just speaking in general about having faith and being positive.  Actually my post this morning was stemmed from my mom haha  Totally off the subject but she lately has been so negative and if the sun is shining,,,it will rain.  If she is sick,,,she worries constantly and says then the medicine won't work,,,,you get my drift...She is just being negative and not having faith in anything lately and this week she got real sick and went to dr and come to find out,,,,its ulcers!!  So,,,see,,,all this worrying did her no good and her other situtations turned out great (the ones she was all doom and gloom on) but now she has ulcers!
Sooo,,,,I'm soooo sorry if I gave impression to you that I was directing anything your way.  Lately,,,I'm not doing real good at getting my point across so please forgive me!!
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Wow, another thing in common! My mother left us four kids when I was 11 and my dad was so down about her leaving him, he didn't say much. My sister and I did all the cooking, cleaning, taking care of the boys and dad. I learned how to be independent and responsible at a very early age. When I finally moved with mother at age 15, I moved out at 16, worked full time and went to high school full time while supporting myself. I still have those tools of responsiblity I learned so many years ago.
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I'm quite surprised that I have not read more posts of this nature on this board. So much for what I think!!! There was a moment of desperation in my life when I was no longer sure about anything. Until that moment I had been very self-assured, without the need for anyone's help or assistance regarding anything; certainly not faith or recovery. At that moment I was given a gift, a blessing that I certainly did not deserve. Strangely enough others came to me to show me things that I never knew existed and if I knew they existed would have seen absolutely no value in them whatsoever! That was the moment when I came to believe that there was something bigger and better in this world outside of me: that the world didn't revolve around me. That was my moment of clarity, a moment which would change where my life headed forever. Initially, I thought that stopping the use of booze, drugs or any of the other types of behavior that got me to where I landed would be the most wonderful thing that ever happened to anyone. Don't get me wrong, stopping using was great but it was only the beginning of something much bigger and more fulfilling.  As time went on I came to understand that the real miracle had been the removal of my old belief system and the beginning of a new way to live life, something I was comfortable with, something that I really had faith in, something that I really beleived in. That was the moment that I think of often. Just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse, was the very instant when things were getting better! My thoughts no longer centered on what I could do to get what! Thoughts of others were more frequent and had more importance to me. I learned that when you don't have the answer, don't make it up, find someone who knows the answer. Instead of always worrying and planning for the worse, I was no longer filled with those types of concerns. There is great solace and comfort in not having the weight of the world on your shoulders, it's nice for someone else to be in charge of everything!!! I just had to take my place among everyone else and stop trying to control things that were none of my business. What a blessing!!!'
Keep killing those little critters!!!        Pauly
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