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Fatigue and Amphetamines

I'm curious to know if anyone has been prescribed amphetamines to combat the symptoms of fatigue.

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if you have hepatitis then you would be foolish to take these meds that may harm your liver. there are natural supplements that can help with the fatigue. good luck
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Do you have AD/HD or some other disorder or are you really getting this speed to help you with your fatigue?  Amphetamines can be very dangerous, also I don't think they are "liver friendly" at all.  I suggest you take some Amino Acids, there's a truckload available that you can Google.  God Bless
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First, I would get a real Dr. and report this quack. Exactly what are you referring to as Amphetamines?
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I have fairly severe fatigue due to low hemoglobin and I was prescribed methylphenidate (Ritalin) by a psychiatrist, who is part of the hep group that treats me. These people are not quacks or foolish. Unfortunately, there is nothing in my experience that actually fixes the problem. Ritalin can keep me going longer, but it does not really fix the fatigue. I haven't continued with it. Epoetin (Procrit) is the best help, but only somewhat in my experience. I am on 60,000 units a week and my Hg is at 9.8.

Modafinil another drug that is sometimes used to combat fatigue in people undergoing hcv treatment. I have been offered it, but have decided to just minimize adjunct drugs and suffer through the treatment.

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I couldn't find evidence that small doses of amphetamine cause any harm to the liver.
Can you kindly refer me any sources that lead you to believe otherwise.

I have Hep C and the fatigue associated with the treatment.

I ran across this article which recommends using Ritalin as possible treatment for fatigue:


"Fighting fatigue
Based on the results of their study, the researchers suggest the following course of action for doctors encountering severe HCV-therapy-related fatigue in their patients:

Assess levels of the thyroid hormones TSH and T4, as well as hemoglobin and the hormone testosterone, and take appropriate steps as needed (such as prescribing thyroid or testosterone supplements).
If hormone and other measurements are within normal ranges, the research team suggests that doctors consider the temporary use of stimulants such as methylphenidate (Ritalin) 10 mg twice daily. Because Ritalin is “chemically related” to amphetamine, some doctors may not wish to prescribe it. As an alternative, the research team suggested another stimulant that is not a member of the amphetamine group—modenafil (ProVigil)."
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i can not point you to a specific study. in general everything you put in your body goes through the liver and that is what i meant by my comment. there are pleanty of people on these forums that have had rough treatments with terrible fatigue, etc and i have never heard of one being prescribed ritalin or  amphetamines. this includes many that have seen top hepatologists in the USA if not the world!
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