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Feeling thankful 3 years post treatment

I was reflecting this evening, just after my 67th birthday, and just before Mother's Day. I am 3 years post treatment this month. I was genotype 4a, had it for probably 40 years, never knew I had it until just before treatment, when I was asked if I had ever been tested for it during an er admission. I never knew there was a specific test for it, and assumed I didn't have it, even though an old boyfriend had died from hepatic cancer.

I was one of the first people to have Sovaldi in San Diego, in addition to Ribavirin and Interferon, for 12 weeks. I have been HepC free ever since! I still have buzzing in my ears (which started 1 week into treatment), but no other ill effects from treatment.

I want to thank this community for all the love, support and education you gave me, it would have been so much harder without you.

Live long and prosper.
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Hi Sandi

Happy late Birthday and happy 3 years cured!

I had my 59th birthday a 2 months ago and my 2 years cured anniversary this month.

Yes indeed what a long strange trip this life has been

Your message is so hopeful, I was recently diagnosed with Advanced Liver Fibrosis, after having a liver biopsy. Not a drinker, but I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Crohns) in my early 20's, I will be 61 this year. I am seeing my Gastrologist next week for next steps. What type of physician treated you.  I am not sure if a Gastro physician is the best choice. So much to grasp right now. I just received my news today. May I ask what treatment did you go through two years ago
Hi Mike

You have commented on a thread from last year. The best way to get your questions answered is to start a new thread.

To do this, go to the top of this page and select the red ask a question link.

To the best of my knowledge Crohns does not cause liver damage so yes a gastroenterologist is your best bet to determine exactly what is going on.

I personally am being followed by a hepatologist associated with a University liver transplant center because I was diagnosed in January 2008 with liver cirrhosis via liver biopsy.

This is the Hepatitis C forum so the treatment the OP is talking about was one of the new generations of medicines used to cure hep c. The old treatments were not very effective (about 30%) difficult to endure (self injections weekly and pills) and generally 6 months in length.

The new treatments are generally 12 weeks long, with minimal side effects and very effective at eliminating the hep c virus.

If the cause of your liver damage is hep c you can be treated with one of these new medicines and prevent any further liver damage.

But first see your hepatologist to find out what is going on.

Best of luck
Hi Mike,

I just happened to check in with the community, and Lynn's advice is good. I went to a gastroenterologist, but he was very up-to-date on Hepatitis C, and there was a large Gastro department at Navy Hospital. I did Sovladi in addition to Ribavirin and Interferon, for 12 weeks, because of the rare genotype I happened to have. This is a great community for support. Get informed, do research, ask questions. Best of luck.
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Sandi! I am so happy to see you! Congratulations!
I have 5 years cured.  Because I have cirrhosis I go in every 6 months for a sonogram and blood work. My doctor thinks I am doing very well.  My platelets are finally normal! Low normal but normal LOL
Again, great to see you!!
Thanks Dee, Coming up to 4 years now! I am thankful everyday for the cure and the people who helped me get through it.
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