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Fever blister or canker sores IDK

I am on wk 19 out of 24 and all of a sudden I get this pimple like bump on the corner of my lip then it decided to have the whole family join my lower right side lip. I have been using cold sore stuff but since I started using it. It has multipled. Any ides on how to get rid of this junk? I don't even want to go to work b/c it's in a resturant. I don't want everyone staring at my lip. HELP
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Abreva can help reduce healing time...
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i used to fever blisters all the time-hav u tried buying cheap popsicles and putting it on yr sores?it used to work for me to get the thing to dry up??
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Is there a difference between the store brand or the real stuff? I haven't tried popsicles that is interesting.
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it always worked for me or just plain ice to take the fever out.i hate those things but are they just fever blisters or side effect of treatment?????
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I've never have had a fever blister so I am thinking that it is just from the treatment. I guess I should have asked if there is a difference between abreva or the store brand.
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Think hepcat is correct, it's the quickest recovery route. It's pretty costly. Just see how much Lysine is in the store brand. You can also try orajel rinse. The treatment does make these mouth sores bad but try not to eat a lot of peanut butter anything. Even tho I I have a giant one under my tongue!! Good luck
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